Baileys Floor Care Specialists Launches a Floor Restoration Campaign

Floors may be restored to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement, reports

According to Random Facts, the Norovirus or Norwalk virus survives in uncleaned carpets for a period of one month or longer, and running vacuum cleaners serve as one of the locations in the home with the largest quantity of germs. As several pounds of soil may build up in and under a carpet in one year, regular Carpet cleaning nottingham becomes essential. Furthermore, bed bugs often reside in carpets, and this is only one of the many reasons experts recommend a carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, yet more often is best.

"The typical home receives a great deal of traffic. In addition to family members entering and exiting the home, the average home has visitors in the form of delivery personnel, friends, neighbors and more. This quantity of traffic often leads to the need for carpet and floor cleaning within the home and patio cleaning Leicester for the exterior portion of the residence. Regardless of what needs to be cleaned in and around the home, Baileys Floor Care Specialists can be of help," Chris Bailey, spokesperson for Baileys Floor Care Specialists, announces.

In addition to harboring germs, carpets offer homes to dust mites, and approximately 2,000 of these little creatures can survive off an ounce of carpet dust. This is only one example of a small creature that may be hidden in the fibers of carpeting in one's home. Firebrats and beetle grubs are two others found in carpeting in homes. When properly cleaned, carpets will no longer have these pests present.

"During the cleaning process, dust mites and other creatures can be removed from carpets. In addition, stains may be treated along with any areas where a pet has urinated. An evaluation is done on each carpet to be cleaned to determine the best approach and why, so clients know exactly what can and cannot be done to prevent unpleasant surprises," Bailey continues.

Many companies offer a low price on carpet cleaning, yet this is only a quick surface clean. For a fluffy, healthy, fresh carpet, one needs a deep clean that is very thorough. This type of clean helps to prolong the lifespan of the carpet, as well.

"Baileys promises the most thorough clean ever seen or the work is free. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with all services and over 70 percent of the work comes from repeat clients, showing the company's commitment to a great customer experience every time. Contact our company today for a free no-obligation quote and advice," Bailey states.

About Baileys Floor Care Specialists:

Established on May 15,2000, Baileys Floor Care Specialists offers a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of clients. In addition to carpet cleaning, the company assists clients in need of upholstery cleaning, stone floor cleaning and restoration, patio and drive cleaning, wood floor sanding and rug cleaning. The company remains focused on providing clients with the best service possible in every aspect of their work, along with great value for the client's money.

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