Backed by Industry Veterans, Phoenix Video Marketing Company Opens to Clients

New video marketing agency will help results-hungry clients enjoy the attention-grabbing power and impressive conversion rates of video, Phoenix Video Marketing Company reports

The Phoenix Video Marketing Company opened its doors to customers, offering cutting-edge video production and marketing services that are sure to make a difference for many clients to come. Founded by a number of industry veterans who had tired of the results-sapping rigidity and myopic thinking that prevail in many quarters, Phoenix Video Marketing Company will supply the kinds of pragmatic, effective services that can best help businesses and other organizations make the most of their marketing budgets. As part of the company's founding, Phoenix Video Marketing Company has undertaken a new campaign focused on spreading awareness of the power and efficaciousness of video marketing.

"Video marketing is an incredibly powerful and increasingly important tool," Phoenix Video Marketing Company representative Justin Blake said, "but too many supposed specialists fail to recognize and leverage its real potential. We here at Phoenix Video Marketing Company are true experts and unanimously committed to helping our clients benefit from video marketing." Online advertising has traditionally consisted of a mix of text and images, and ads of this sort still make up the bulk of all spending.

Digital marketing specialists, however, have increasingly come to agree on the present importance of and likely future domination by video-based marketing. It has been known for some time that video marketing conversion rates consistently dwarf those of text-based ads, with some studies showing click-through percentages of as much as 64% for particularly well-designed video marketing assets, as noted at

Historically, the issue has been that most potential customers spent far more time paying attention to text and images than they did watching video. This is now changing, however, as faster Internet connections and more capable devices mean that an increasing portion of online activity centers on video, with nearly half of all users now watching at least one every month.

While some few digital marketing companies have effectively exploited the opportunities these developments entail, far more have failed to do so, in the estimation of many industry analysts. Phoenix Video Marketing Company was founded by a group of longtime digital marketing specialists who agree that much more can be done to provide top-class video marketing services for businesses and organizations looking to jump to the forefront of the digital marketing arena and reap the rewards.

The new company's website at includes a variety of informational resources that will help potential clients understand what video marketing can do for them. It details, for example, the surprisingly compelling financial equation that video marketing typically entails at the present time, as plummeting production costs have made it practical for even small-scale businesses to have their own custom marketing videos created. Visitors to can also sign up for free, no-obligation consultations with some of the industry's most pragmatic and forward-thinking experts.

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With a no-nonsense approach and a firm belief in the power of video, Phoenix Video Marketing Company strives to amaze clients with the effectiveness of its services.

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