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Individuals need to understand the risks of bad posture and how to go about choosing a brace to correct these issues, announces

Poor posture leads to many problems, and individuals who work on a computer all day often complain of pain in various parts of the body. announces that 63 percent of individuals with poor posture report low back pain, 53 percent complain of neck pain, 38 percent state they suffer from shoulder pain and 33 percent say they have wrist pain. Other parts of the body may also be affected when posture isn't maintained. For this reason, many individuals now choose to make use of a back posture brace.

"Proper posture is important as the spine provides the organs with energy so they can function as intended. When a person has poor posture over a period of time, they typically find they are in pain and they may even find they are afflicted with one or more diseases. A posture brace helps an individual remain poised, while setting the muscle tone to ensure correct alignment. Choosing the right brace is essential, however, to achieve this goal," Kevin, spokesperson for Back Posture Braces (, reports.

When choosing a back brace, consumers need to take several variables into consideration. Comfort is one, as using the brace too much can lead to discomfort. The recommended wearing time of each brace must be factored in, along with the material of the brace. Some braces feature stretchable material, yet others are made of non-elastic components, such as cotton. Rating and price also need to be evaluated during the buying process.

"Back Posture Braces examines each model, taking these factors into account when determining a rating. The back posture brace reviews found on the site provide information consumers need when making a decision as to which model is right for their unique needs. The reviews contain information about the dealer's official website, the material and any distinguishing characteristics of the brace. Learn about the design, features, quality and more when browsing these reviews," Kevin continues.

The BaX-u Back Brace and Posture Support device receives a four and a half star rating from the site. This device is made from a thin, comfortable silk and receives a comfort rating of 80 percent. The IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Posturecue Tank or T-shirt also receives a four and a half star rating and is made of CoolCue fabric with a bottom elastic silicone bank that is designed to prevent migration. The comfort level of this model is 70 percent.

"These are only two of the many braces reviewed on the site. There are numerous others consumers may wish to consider. Never base the selection strictly on price, as doing so could lead to the purchase of a brace that the user doesn't often wear. Don't hesitate to speak to a medical professional either, as they can provide information that may be of help during the buying process. They are familiar with the needs of the body and your particular health difficulties and can make recommendations as to the device that is right for you," Kevin states.

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Back posture braces come in many sizes and types, making it difficult for consumers to know which model is right for their needs. Back Posture Braces strives to help individuals compare the various models, providing reviews to achieve this goal. In addition, the site offers advice on how to approach selecting a model and what variables to take into consideration.

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