Back Pain Relief Center Announces Association with Lesley Allen, DPT, PYT-C

Back Pain Relief Center is proud to announce a new educational and treatment-focused partnership with professional yoga therapist Lesley Allen, DPT, PYT-C. This association will offer yoga therapy for patients who have completed their formal spine rehabilitation program and would like to maximize the benefits of their rehabilitation. The Back Pain Relief Center has released a guide describing the procedures, benefits and details of professional yoga therapy and how it can be employed as an effective accompaniment to formal rehabilitation efforts.

“We utilize medical therapeutic yoga as a bridge between interventional rehabilitation and a patient's independent lifestyle,” says Dr. Allen. “Our approach is to create a balance between mind, body, and spirit to enhance the body's natural healing response and facilitate a higher quality of life.”

What is the Professional Yoga Therapy(PYT)?

PYT is a unique series of individualized, therapeutic yoga sequences designed to educate and engage patients in the treatment, management and prevention of acute and chronic injuries. It is only taught by licensed healthcare professionals. A step-by-step algorithm is used to evaluate patient improvement as they progress through a series of subjective and objective measures.

Yoga in America1:

• Today there are 16.5 million practitioners of yoga aged 35-54, an increase of 87% from 2004-2008

• In 2008, 49.4% reported they started practicing yoga to improve their overall health, compared to 5.6% in 2003

• Just under $6 billion is spent annually on Yoga and yoga products, according to the National Center for CAM

• Almost 50% of those surveyed reported yoga would be beneficial if they were undergoing treatment for a medical condition.

• Only 6.5% of patients reported their doctor or therapist recommended yoga to them

• Yoga and yoga therapy are not regulated in the United States by any licensing body or agency

Consumer Product Safety Commission report on yoga injuries:

• Injuries are increasing – greater than 5,500 yoga-related injuries in 2007

• Incurring a total cost of approximately $108 million on our healthcare system

• The most common injury being seen is disc injury with extrusion2

The Back Pain Relief Center philosophy is that yoga must evolve from its ancient roots to incorporate what is known about the practice of medicine and rehabilitation today. The PYT method turns the ancient practice of yoga into a safe and effective technique utilized by healthcare professionals.

Benefits of PYT:

• Patients with complex medical diagnoses will be instructed in PYT by a licensed Physical Therapist to achieve maximum benefits.

• Patients engaging in the program will show reductions in anxiety, stress and depression, along with improved mental alertness, concentration, and sleep patterns. Physically, patients will notice improved muscle and bone strength, endurance, flexibility, postural alignment, and body awareness. They will also experience improved circulation, digestion, hormonal balance, immune function and possible weight loss. Most importantly, they will experience an improved sense of overall wellbeing.

• The program is designed to complement, not replace,formal rehabilitation efforts by allowing patients to continue working toward their personal goals in a safe and effective manner.

According to Malton Schexneider, PT, MMSc, Director of The Back Pain Relief Center in Louisville, KY, “By appropriately incorporating therapeutic yoga into our rehabilitation sequence, our patients can continue their recovery process on their own, but still have the professional supervision necessary for accelerated healing – truly the best of both worlds.”


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