Baby Teething Pain Eliminated By An Octopus

Sleepless nights and days for babies and parents might be a thing of the past if the claims of CMM Online are to be believed. Otto the Octopus is a stimulating and uniquely designed baby teether which helps soothes the pain associated with teething.

Every parent knows that babies experiencing teething pain can be very distressing and troublesome and not actually being able to do much to help, can also be stressful for them, but now an Octopus may have come to the rescue!

Not a real Octopus of course but ‘Otto’ the Octopus. This is a food grade, hollow designed, silicone baby teether that is helping thousands of babies (not to mention parents) alleviate the pain, discomfort and stress experienced during the teething period.

‘Otto’ is, in a way, almost like a baby’s first toy because of it’s appeal with big eyes and bright colours but the real benefits are derived because of the uniquely designed tentacles of ‘Otto’ which have raised nodules on the upper and undersides and these act as both gum stimulants and also soothe the pain experienced by a baby during teething by allowing the baby to clamp down onto soft material.

Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the design of ‘Otto’, it’s easily held by small hands thanks in part to the rim of the hat that ‘Otto’ wears. This hat allows the baby to hold on firmly and then place the tentacles into the mouth to ease any discomfort.

Other evidence of design thought is clear by the use of bright, stimulating colours (Otto is available in Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange and Green) these hold baby’s attention so ‘Otto’ not only acts as baby’s first ‘tooth-brush’ it can also act as a safe development toy.

Because of the hollow design, there are no parts that can break off or become dislodged, (unlike some other bead-based teethers), this therefore massively reduces the risk of potential choking by the baby. (although the manufacturer still advocates that Otto is used under adult supervision at all times)

CMM Online Sales spokesperson Michael M Thomas talked about the feed-back from customers to date and said “Since it’s launch just 9 months ago, ‘Otto’ has proved to be very popular with parents, relatives and friends buying it for baby’s aged 3 months plus” he continued, “We have received very positive feed-back from our purchasers and because we use food grade silicone, parents can benefit from being able to place Otto, quite safely, into a sterilizer, or a dishwasher to clean it and even in the freezer to keep ‘Otto’ cool!. The other advantage of using silicone is that it is an anti-bacterial substance”.

‘Otto’ can be found exclusively on Amazon at: and is presented in a very attractive gift box making it a perfect present for anyone who has a friend or relative with a baby who’s teething. Maybe an Octopus could become a baby’s best friend.

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