Baby Crib Bumpers

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Baby Crib Bumpers

Cot bumpers are traditionally known as a strip of fabric that runs along the inside of the cot, protecting your baby's delicate head from the hard bars of the cot.

They were created to prevent the baby's head from falling and getting stuck between the cot bars.

Benefits of baby crib bumpers:
- They keep baby's arms and legs from getting stuck in the bars, causing screaming at 3am that's hard to recover from.
- They prevent noisy cot parties during blissful sleep.
- They block the baby's view when we use gentle sleep training methods.

Breathable mesh bumpers for the cot

Breathable mesh cot bumpers are a good choice if you have a sleeping tumbler baby who likes to twist his arms and legs around the bars (and then scream until you come to untangle him).

Here are some reasons why a breathable mesh cot pad is a good cot bumper choice:
- Prevents pinched arms and legs of babies who tend to spin during sleep.
- Provides good air circulation, reducing the risk of SIDS.
- No possibility of pressing against the mattress
- No straps

Bumper with zip

The zip bumper has an individual zip on each bar, which means airflow and pinching are not an issue. Also, because they're ZIP, you don't have to worry about long strings coming undone.

Zips around each bar, so you don't have to worry about long strings
- Breathable.
- No pinching
- Great cushioning for babies

High and slim bumpers

A set of high and thin cot bumpers is perfect for babies who like to be all over the place. They love to bump their heads and curl up into pretzels. There are no limits for these babies!

As these bumpers are thin, this makes them very unlikely to be caught in it (especially if you turn the bumpers and don't remove them until your baby has mastered the skill of turning their head).

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