ax-water offering a refreshed approach to hydration to inspire an active life with the launch of its Aronia berry-infused water

Innovative emerging brand, ax-water, offering a refreshed approach to hydration to inspire an active life with the launch of its Aronia berry-infused water

Aronia berry, consequently changing the approach to hydration and offering consumers a unique experience while also empowering them to move passionately. Officially launched in 2017, the brand has grown in recent times thanks to its unique features and benefits, and is currently in about 750 stores across ND, SD, MN, WI, SoCal, Boston, and NH.

Water is, of course, one of the most important substances in the world as not only is it the beverage with the highest consumption across the globe but is also used for different purposes. Over the years, several brands and makers of different types of beverages have tried to put some twist to water consumption by adding flavors to it. However, many of such products are usually chemical-laded, containing elements that are harmful for human consumption. ax-water is, however, changing the narrative by offering a unique way of hydration by offering a natural source of antioxidants in one tasty beverage.

ax-water aims to bring the abundant benefits of Aronia berry. Categorized as a super berry, the berry is popular for its medicinal properties. The berries have also been identified to contain three times more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates. Consequently, consumers of ax-water can refresh, recover and revive with every delicious, naturally sourced sip of the beverage.

The benefits of ax-water make it unique for other beverages on the market, which further reiterates the product’s increased popularity in a relatively short while. Some of the benefits of consuming the product made from healthy berries include the intake of anti-oxidants, premium functional beverage, low calorie, and sugar content and no preservatives.

The product is currently available in 3 flavors and is versatile as it can be drunk alone or used for making smoothies for kids and adults, as well as a beverage for seniors looking for anti-oxidants and hydration. It is also great as an ideal post-workout beverage, particularly when mixed with protein.

With the amazing benefits of ax-water particularly with Aronia berries being its major ingredient, it is not surprising that the product is spreading like wildfire in the United States and across the globe, scooping several awards in different parts of the world. ax-water received three awards at the 14th Annual Zenith Bottle Water Congress in Barcelona, Spain in November of 2017. The awards include the 2nd place for Best Functional Beverage, 2nd place for Best New Water Concept and 3rd place for Best New Brand/Brand Extension.

About ax-water
Blake Johnson is the CEO of ax-water has a degree Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering by trade, Blake has farmed Aronia berries as a hobby since 2012. In light of their significant health benefits, he teamed up with Wade Gronwold, the COO, to spread the awareness of Aronia berries to the world.

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