Award Winning Talking Jars[R] Launch School Bullying App

App designed to promote positive behavior in students while providing multiple tools to school staff

Sarasota, Florida / April 15, 2014 / The Talking Jar Series Inc. introduces a new bi-lingual App for schools that allows everyone to share dialogue regarding bullying, develops empathy, and builds character. The App will work on Apple™ and Android™ devices and can be controlled through a browser interface by the teacher.

With the App, students can participate without reprisal, teachers can privately intervene or request support from parents and/or counselors. Administrators can oversee trends and school police and staff can respond promptly in real time to any report. The App includes many additional features including keyword auto-response. The App framework has a customized system monitoring answers which will automatically flag and notify the staff of a potential student in distress. Now schools can have an effective tool to support and combat school bullying.

The Talking Jar Series Inc. felt compelled to bridge the gap of technology. “Our biggest concern was to not disable true face to face conversation”, states Jeanne Dexter, President and Co-Founder of the company. “The App for schools is designed to develop open ended conversation and allows teachers to extend the process though writing and journaling. We also recognized the need for individualized resources which we tailor to the local schools and school districts. We included a full featured reporting app to allow for 100% anonymous reporting through pictures, videos or text messages including GPS geo-tracking.”

The App requires no special integration and schools can be set up and running quickly. “Understanding the technology structures available in schools was primary to the proper deployment of the App” says Doug Dexter, Vice President of Operations and Technology. “Schools have either made or are going to switch to using devices in classrooms. Even without devices the program can still be used by teachers. School IT Departments cannot afford to have network resources overtaxed. It was imperative to make the App seamless and simple”. With the addition of the App to The Talking Jar Series product line, conversation and technology work together.

About The Talking Jars Bullying App:

The Talking Jars Bullying App is a subscription based program for schools and school districts. Value priced and feature rich, the app is a successful program to reduce bullying, improve self esteem and help students find common ground. The Bullying App meets the requirements of experts: that children need to talk about bullying, have resources and support, and safe methods of reporting incidents.

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