Award-winning PPC Agency Sees Increased Engagement From Image Ad Extensions

The Brains Marketing has seen CTAs soar, ensuring that client campaigns deliver more sales than ever before.

In an attempt to improve engagement and conversions for clients, the expert PPC team at The Brains, a London-based digital marketing agency, has been experimenting with static and dynamic Image Ad Extensions for their clients. Since introducing Image Ad Extensions, The Brains has noticed an increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR), resulting in increased sales for clients.

Image Ad Extensions Aligned To Google’s Latest Guidelines

The world of PPC marketing has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years, and digital marketing agencies are continually looking for ways to deliver the best results to help their clients survive in an increasingly competitive arena. For The Brains, which is a certified Google Partner as well as a multi-award winning agency Ad Extensions has become a focal point of the strategy.

In July 2020, Google announced it would be launching an image extension beta program. The purpose of image extensions is to improve ad visibility and overall performance by showing an image alongside PPC ads in the search engine results.

As of Google Marketing Livestream 2021, ad extensions have been available to all advertisers. The PPC team at The Brains has embraced this opportunity to use extensions over the past five months. The agency reports that it has noticed a marked improvement in the performance of its ads.

Mike Moodie, Head of Paid Search at the Brains said: “Ad extensions have worked well for our clients. They allow us to make images more eye-catching and attractive, and they have been noticeably improving our click-through rates (CTR).

“Since implementing our Image Ad Extensions in mid-May, our static images have run with a CTR of 8.0% and our dynamic images have run a CTR of 21%. Our primary takeaway from this experiment is that Image Ad Extensions, in general, are ideal for improving ad engagement, but in our experience with large eCommerce campaigns, it’s actually the dynamic image ad extensions that perform best.”

Through its experimentation with both static and dynamic image ad extensions, The Brains has already helped hundreds of clients transform their digital marketing strategies for the better. The results have included increased visibility, awareness, traffic, and sales - all while making marketing budgets work harder to yield the best ROI.

Image Ad Extensions have additionally been shown to improve marketing campaigns across multiple industries and with an array of consumer demographics.

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