Award-Winning Development Team Launches "Playing History: Vikings" - A Fun And Engaging Way To Learn About History

Copenhagen, Denmark / / Mar 05, 2014 / Computer games have many purposes. They can entertain and educate; at Serious Games Interactive we develop games that can do both. 'Vikings', the newest chapter of the Playing History educational game series, is currently in the making. This game provides an interactive environment that will give students the chance to experience and interact with real events taking place in the era of the Vikings. Children will understand history from the inside.

The previous two titles in the 'Playing History-Series' have been rewarded with several awards. Now, by releasing 'Playing History: Vikings' we are ready to kick it up several notches by providing a fully realized 3 dimensional world to interact with, a deeper and more engaging game experience as well as more ambitious mini-games.

We believe this game can revolutionize history teaching -- but we need your help to do so -- using Kickstarter you can help raising the funds needed to finish this project, get the word out to schools all over the world and support the campaign on Kickstarter. You can also help us by voting on Steam Greenlight.


In 'Playing History: Vikings', you navigate young Erik through actual events taking place in the era of the Vikings. You will have to make the right decisions, talk to the right people and fight off enemies trying to take over your land. Throughout the game you are able to collect secret coins for extra loot and you are rewarded when spotting the historical anachronisms.

Playing History: Vikings is developed to fit curriculum requirements for key stages 2-3 and the game primarily targeting students age 9-13. It is a casual learning adventure where a narrative unfolds as you make decisions, complete quests, master fighting and get the good trade deals. The game allows you to interact with the Viking Age, in an unforgettable way. As a player you cannot change history, but you can make a difference by becoming chieftain; will you take your rightful place - or fade into the abyss of history?


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Serious Games Interactive is an award-winning, research-based developer of games, simulations and virtual worlds. SGI offer a unique blend of competences within games, learning and storytelling. Since the company's establishment in 2006 we've developed solutions that integrate learning and game elements with the best possible user experience. Serious Games Interactive is also the developer behind the BETT award-winning educational game-series "Global Conflicts".


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