Avon Pest Control Uses Environmentally Responsible Pest Control Methods

Avon Pest Control is one of the fastest growing and well respected pest management and consulting companies in the greater Vancouver area.

Avon Pest Control offers residential and commercial clients eco-friendly pest control solutions to combat a variety of pests in Vancouver. This pest control company strongly believes there are effective and proven methods for dealing with pest infestations in an environmentally responsible manner. They have invested heavily into ongoing research and development to provide their clients with the latest products and most advanced techniques for eliminating pests from their properties.

The primary objective of Avon Pest Control is to deliver uncompromising quality, exemplary customer service, and an attention to detail in discovering pests, developing solutions, and resolving problems within residential and commercial properties in the greater Vancouver area. The company is certified and licensed by the Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection and is fully insured and bonded. They offer cost-effective solutions that take into account the budgetary constraints of homeowners and businesses in an eco-friendly, yet respectful manner to address pest problems and infestations.

Avon Pest Control warns homeowners and business owners in Vancouver about the potential of a variety of different pests increasing in the spring. Numerous insects and pests are more active during the warmer spring and summer months. During this time, they breed and look for suitable places to set up their colonies and nests, often to the dismay of many homeowners in the area. Homes provide sufficient protection against the elements during the colder fall and winter months for species that tend to remain active year round. Protecting your home against unwanted pests in the spring ensures it remains pest free.

Some of the more common pests in Vancouver which can quickly become a headache for homeowners and business owners include wasps, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, silverfish, flies, carpenter ants, birds, rodents, and moles. Resolving pest problems requires more than addressing the current infestation. Avon Pest Control’s highly trained environmental pest control technicians identify the root cause of pest problems. The root cause has to be addressed, otherwise pest problems often return in the future. By dealing with the underlying cause, not only are pests eliminated from the property, but also lower the likelihood they will be a problem again later.

While some pests are more of an annoyance than a problem for home or business owners, others leave a wake of destruction if not addressed sooner, rather than later. Rodents can fit through small openings and spaces to gain entry to the home or business. They use their strong teeth to chew through numerous building materials, like brick, concrete, PVC piping, electrical wiring, drywall, and wood. They use insulating materials to build nests and reproduce. Many rodents carry a host of harmful disease easily transmitted to people and pets. In addition, rodents have a high reproductive rate. As such, a few rodents in the home or business can quickly turn into twenty, thirty, or even more.

Carpenter ants are another destructive pest home and business owners have to be concerned about. This species of ant likes to build their colonies within dry wood sources both outside and inside properties. Unlike termites, which eat and digest the wood, ants remove it to build a series of tunnels and expand their colony. Damage in residential and commercial properties by carpenter ants cost thousands of dollars to repair after the ant infestation has been fully resolved. In some cases, the problem extends to exterior locations on the property, and these areas must be addressed. Otherwise the ants could potentially return in the future and cause further damage.

While termites are not normally an issue for most of Canada, there are a few locations along the Southern border in British Columbia where termites have been discovered. Properties in known termite zones have to take extra precautions to protect the home or business from this destructive pest. Termites work around the clock and never sleep, so a small colony of termites can quickly grow into a major infestation. Further, termites not only eat wood, but also any wood-based material, such as drywall, books, furniture, cabinetry, hardwood flooring, and boxes.

To learn more about pests in the greater Vancouver area, visit Avon Pest Control’s website at www.avonpestcontrol.ca or contact them by phone today at 604-805-0278 to schedule a detailed property inspection of your residential or commercial property.

About Avon Pest Control

Avon Pest Control is one of the fastest growing and well respected pest management and consulting companies in the greater Vancouver area. For the past eight years they have been offering commercial and residential clients the most advanced pest control management products available on the market today. Owner Garry Mann has over ten years of pest management control experience and is a registered professional biologist with a Ph.D. in pest management. Their main goal is use environmentally friendly products and advanced techniques in pest control with minimal environmental impacts.

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