Avoid Wasting Time and Money on Poor Sales Leads With an Innovative new Method

American Profiles is encouraging businesses to discover how micro-targeted lists can change the efficiency of their next sales campaign.

Finding new leads for a business is a constant battle that many companies are struggling to achieve. With so much competition for every potential customer and such a variety of ways for people to be contacted, many companies are wasting time and money by merely contacting everyone in their data base for each campaign. American Profiles wants to change that and they are making it possible with their latest media campaign.

What they do is simplify the process for their customers. Company representative Chris Burns explains. ”We know that for many companies, consistently getting fresh leads is the only way for them to get the volume of business they need to survive. Purchasing leads has previously been a hit or miss process. Often these lists are simply a contact sheet for everyone within a certain area or specific age group. What this means is that you are going to spend a lot of time and money attempting to contact people with no interest in what you have to offer.

American Profiles can prevent this frustration. Their mailing and telemarketing lists are different. The lists they have assembled are defined in numerous ways. This makes it possible for each company to choose the set of contacts that are most closely related to who their target customer happens to be. This means mortgage companies can purchase lists that contain only those who are genuinely interested in obtaining a mortgage or refinancing a current loan. Examples of what they offer for these types of lists can be found at http://americanprofiles.com/mailinglists/mortgagelists.htm. When looking at this website you can see how simple it is to choose lists specifically for different types of loan services, making it easier to pinpoint the exact customer you are trying to reach.

“We are not here to assist only mortgage companies,” states Burns. “We are also offering help to a variety of different professionals, insurance companies and even timeshare businesses.” An example of this statement is the variety of options available on their website at http://americanprofiles.com/mailinglists/timeshareownerslists.htm. Just as with the information provided to mortgage companies, timeshare lists make it easy to choose specific areas potential customers have expressed interested in. “We encourage everyone looking for leads to contact us and see what is available. We are continuously adding to what we have to offer as well as updating the categories currently available. We also have a dedicated team that is always happy to assist clients in finding the list that will work best for them.”

About American Profiles

As business professionals themselves, American Profiles understands the effort it requires to keep contact lists updated. That is why they are dedicated to providing customers with leads that are genuinely related to their needs. Their large data base has been carefully categorized to make it simple for every business to find the information they have been seeking.

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