Avid Traveler Preps Car with Surviveware's Large First Aid Kit

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Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Sought for Reliability and Functionality

The importance of having a first aid kit in one’s car, RV, or truck cannot be stressed enough. When an accident or emergency occurs, it is essential to have a kit that can help stabilize any victims while waiting for professional medical help to arrive, or, if the injury is less severe, can capably handle treating the wound.

To ensure the road safety of travelers and backcountry explorers, investing in a first aid car kit is a must. One of the most trusted outdoor and vehicle emergency kits is Surviveware's Large First Aid Kit. This heavy-duty FSA-approved first aid kit provides a complete solution for vehicle owners who are always on the road.

Surviveware's Large First Aid Kit contains a unique array of 200 pieces of life-saving first aid items for treating minor to moderate injuries, well-suited for any road accident. The supplies include adhesive bandages, gauze swabs, cleansing and sting-relief wipes, steri-strips, medical shears, hydrogel, safety pins, splinter probes, a CPR kit with instructional guide, and a mini removable first aid kit. To prevent breakage, the 10" x7.25" x5" case is made of 600D polyester that won't break or crack under pressure.

Surviveware’s uniquely organized first aid car kits are designed to do the thinking for the user. Each item is stored in labeled compartments which notate the item’s name, quantity, and its appropriate use. This feature enables owners to retrieve supplies quickly. Moreover, the pockets are perfect for keeping supplies organized, allowing more space for personal items such as medications, inhalers, ointment, and Epi-Pens.

This FSA-approved first aid kit’s MOLLE-compatible straps and snap system can be used to secure the kit on the car's headrest or roll bar, on go-bags, rucksacks, tents, hammocks, EDC bags, and more. It also comes with a Velcro padded side that can be used to keep it secured in one's trunk.

More travelers and backcountry explorers recognize the need for a functional and portable first-aid kit car kit. In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, she shares the qualities of the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit that won her over for use in her car:

"My husband and I needed a first aid kit for our recently-purchased car. After reading disappointing reviews about a number of *other* kits, I was prepared to build my own. Thankfully, I found this one at the last minute. Yes, it is more expensive than others you'll find on Amazon. However, that money is well spent for what you get:
- A durable, quality canvas molle bag
- Everything is neatly packaged in *labeled* compartments (essential in an emergency when time is of the essence).
- All of the standard first aid kit supplies (including surgical scissors that are sizeable and sturdy), PLUS a tourniquet. Strange as it sounds, I was impressed by the latter. perhaps because I've watched enough movies and shows where a tourniquet comes in handy to stop bleeding.
- A mini first-aid kit, also in a sturdy canvas pouch.

Hopefully, we'll never need to use the kit, but we will have peace of mind knowing that the one we have is effective."

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