Avid Hikers Discover Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes Are Full Shower Wipes

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Active Backpacker Chooses Biodegradable Wet Wipes from Surviveware as Cleaning Product

Camping, whether it’s a favorite recreational activity, a family tradition, or a hobby, it is something that reunites people with nature and with each other.

There are many advantages to camping, just being in the outdoors is enough of an advantage and privilege, but one noted disadvantage is the luxury of bathing. Campers need to beware of using hygiene products that destroy the environment as well as scented products that attract bugs and wild animals. It is also important for campers to pack efficiently and lightly which is a drawback when planning which toiletries to bring.

Surviveware, the manufacturer of BuzzFeed's favorite Biodegradable Wet Wipes, made their wipes highly portable, compact, and pack-friendly. The Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes house fifteen 8”x12” sheets in each pack, helping hikers and adventure seekers survive the dust and sweat.

Surviveware hasn’t skimped on quality in these compact packs. Like the bigger 32 pack, these no-rinse wipes have all-natural and hypoallergenic ingredients that effectively nourish the skin. The lightweight, soft material is the perfect hygiene companion on the trail.

The Large sheets boast extensive surface coverage with average-sized adults needing only one to two sheets to clean the entire body. Extremely muddied bodies would need three to four wet wipes to be thoroughly clean.

The no-rinse wipes are fragrance-free and cause no problems for those who are sensitive to smell and they are a fitting solution for outdoorsmen camping where bugs and small critters are present.

A featured review from Amazon showcases one of Surviveware's customers who enjoy using these 4-pack wipes for their adventures. According to MG, these wipes are perfect in the absence of soap and water.

“We use these wipes for after biking, hiking, running when not near sink for soap and water. These work well and it's a nice big size wipe that doesn't dry up in the packet since we use them every week. Better than those large Wet Ones wipes we used to use. Thanks for being available to buy on Amazon.”

Enjoy a refreshing and stress-free camping experience with the Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes. Grab your no-rinse hygiene wipes today by clicking here.

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