AVC Lens Replacement Is The Best Treatment To Correct Presbyopia

Sufferers of the age-related long-sighted condition can now restore their vision to 20-20 through this surgical procedure.

Those over the age of 40 that have developed the need for a reading prescription due to long-sightedness caused by presbyopia can finally wave goodbye to their reading glasses and restricted vision thanks to lens treatments courtesy of the experts at Advanced Vision Care.

Presbyopia is a degenerative condition that can affect anybody, including those that have never previously experienced problems with their vision. This is caused by the hardening of the eye's natural lens, which reduces elasticity and affects reading vision. Experts at Advanced Vision Care are proud to offer a surgical treatment that replaces the eye lens to restore function and visibility.

The surgery itself is one of the most common types of eye surgery available, with around 300,000 procedures performed each year in the UK alone. The treatment can be completed in just 20 minutes per eye, it involves removing the natural crystalline lens before fitting an intraocular lens (IOL) implant. The treatment is very similar to a cataract procedure and has the ability to transform a patient's life by restoring clarity and facilitating the many benefits that come with it, as well as eliminating the chances of developing cataracts in the future.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that lens replacement surgery for presbyopia is one of the safest procedures in the world, and uses advanced technology to gain a digital reference image of the eye before treatment. Advanced Care Vision's first-class service and treatments ensure that it is the quickest and safest route to corrected vision.

Accepting a life reliant on multiple pairs of glasses or varifocals or bifocal glasses and contact lenses, none of which prevent further changes to the natural lens can now be a thing of the past. After the initial consultation, just a single appointment is needed to produce a permanent solution. It is the best treatment for this issue by far.

About Advanced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care is the UK's leading independent surgeon-led vision correction clinic. Located on the world-famous Harley Street, the company is responsible for a host of corrective treatments, helping thousands of patients see the benefits of restored vision every year. The company's team of surgeons boast a combined wealth of experience totalling to over 75 years while they continue to learn and grow alongside tech developments and other upgrades.

As well as offering laser and non-laser surgery treatments, AVC also provides a one-year commitment of care program to ensure that life following surgery is as it should be. Having won multiple awards since opening its doors in 2003, the clinic offers the best care for eyes while keeping minds at ease in the process.

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