Launches, Providing a Website to Help Car Owners with Oil and Fluid Questions

Site offers in-depth, information articles about car repairs related to automotive oil and fluids

Auto Oil and Fluid announced today that it has launched its website, The site contains detailed, information-rich articles about automotive repair and the role of oil and fluids in the process. Much of the site’s content includes useful “how to” suggestions on the correct use of oil and fluids in car maintenance and repair.

“When you see ‘check fluids’ or ‘check oil’ alerts on your dashboard, it might cause some alarm,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Given the state of auto repair, this is an understandable reaction. You might worry you’ll end up paying a lot for a liter or two of fluid just because someone said you need it. Our site is intended to give you the information you need to be a savvy customer of auto repair and know exactly what oil and fluids your car really needs.”

The site,, offers articles with titles like “Things to Know about Transfer Case Fluids, Oils and Lubricants.” In this article, the author explains how to check the fluid condition, drain the fluid, fill the new fluid and then test drive the car to check for leaks. It covers how to tell if the car is having a problem with transfer case fluids, e.g. the car is unable change gears. Other titles include “How to Reset Oil Change Light” and “Oil in the Spark Plug Well? And How to Fix them?”

Auto Oil and Fluid also publishes reviews of products like synthetic oils. For example, in “Top 8 Best 0w-20 Synthetic Oil Reviews,” the author compares a range of products in this category. It discusses the relative merits of Mobil 1 vs. Castrol and so forth. Site visitors are able to click through and purchase products if they want.

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