Automotive Lead Source's "Powered UPS" Provides Car Dealerships a New Self-Funding Lead Generation Option

Automotive Lead Source's new "Powered-Ups" system is unlocking hundreds of new opportunities for car dealerships within 72 Hours using a new data mining and communication technology.

Boston MA. - Automotive Lead Source, a Division of InnoVitae, a first-tier provider of exclusive internet leads for the automotive industry via their 20,000 dynamically programmable website system, recently announced a new program called “Powered UPS” which is providing hundreds of new sale opportunities to participating dealership.

This system is unique that is provides leads to the dealership via the dealership's own data. "Dealers have gotten a lot savvier about creating their own leads," said Jared Hamilton, CEO of, an online training and social networking site for dealers. "That has put some pressure on the third-party lead providers."

Some dealers say they are cutting back on buying third-party leads. Others have dropped them altogether and now rely exclusively on their own Web sites or automakers for leads.

Joseph Conroy, the president of Automotive Lead Source commented; “We actually stumbled on this opportunity to provide an additional lead source for our automotive clients by accident. While working with a car dealership, he (GM) asked us to run 1,000 of his unsold “Ups” through our Small Business Marketing Automation System (SBMAS) and he got 272 calls, 81 appointments, and made 16 sales.”

The Small Business Marketing Automation System (SBMAS) is a relatively new technology Conroy and his team have developed costing; according to Conroy, over $ 2 million to develop over the past 4 years. For this application, Conroy and his team used the outbound marketing module to contact each of the dealership’s unsold UPS via; (a) email, (b) voice mail, and (c) text messaging.

Josh O’Brien, CTO with Automotive Lead Source contributed; “Based on our work in the automotive industry, we have developed specific scripts and script-timing routines, that are now producing response rates (calls) in the 20 to 30% range.”

Conroy chimes in; “Utilizing 3 different communication platforms, with the right script, and staggering the timing events, produces a real urgency for the Unsold Up to contact the dealership.”

Our staff reached out to the dealerships who are using the Automotive Lead Source SBMAS system for unsold “UPS”, but they declined to comment publicly. They cited that they are using the system, it is working well, and they are expanding its deployment to other stores. When pressed on the issue of not disclosing when the SBMAS is working well, the dealerships both said they do not want to invite competition into their market place.

One dealership did say anonymously; “We operate in a very competitive market place. If we have a leg up on our competition, we want to keep it that way as long as possible. God knows, they have copied us before.”

Asking Conroy what are his plans for this new “Powered UPS” dealership lead generation system, Conroy responded; “We are rolling this out across the U.S. right now. The results have been so good and consistent, that we are offering to process the first batch of 1,000 unsold Ups for free and only have the dealership pay if they are thrilled by the results.”

Josh O’Brien with Automotive Lead Source added; “So far every dealership who has tried the system, has paid after they experienced their own first hand results, and they have ordered the Powered Ups program a second time.”

Asking Conroy, what should someone do if they want to learn more about the Powered Ups program by Automotive Lead Source and he replied; “Just have them go to this page on our website. Everything is here and is quite self-explanatory.”

Automotive Lead Source provides exclusive 1st party automotive leads via 4 lead generating systems and is a division of InnoVitae which is a technology and marketing company located in Boston, MA. You can learn more about Automotive Lead Source at their website; SMB Marketing Automation is also a division of InnoVitae, and you can learn more about them here;

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