Automated Appointment Reminders Are Vital to the Healthcare Business

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Appointment reminders for patients or customers via telephone calls, emails, or text messages, ensure appointments are never missed.

For healthcare businesses, a big problem comes in the form of missed appointments. When patients or customers forget to turn up, it wastes valuable time and resources for the company. Especially when no notice is given prior, meaning the business can't even offer up the slot to someone else. has a solution to this problem. An automated system that delivers reminders directly to the patient via numerous contact methods.

Call Reminders For Patients
Calling a patient or customer is often the best way of getting in touch with them. Of course, you need to consider your patient population and what information you need to convey. Jonah Langer, Owner of says “There are many benefits of call reminders, the key ones being that they can contain lots of information, they can originate from the business's office caller ID, and they can reach patients that don't have cellphones or access to emails. “

The caveat to this is that many patients or customers don't answer their phone or check voicemails, and some prefer other types of reminders - such as text messages. There's also no way of saving the information, so businesses depend on the customer writing it down somewhere.

Email Reminders for Patients also provides automated email reminders that have advantages over other methods. Just like call reminders, they can contain plenty of information, but they also let businesses provide company branding, graphics, and the ability to reach patients without phone numbers. All the information in the reminder is saved in the email, meaning the patient can go back and look at it as often as they need. There are also some downsides to this approach, the key ones being that the email might not be seen instantly, and it could end up in someone's spam folder by mistake.

Text Reminders for Patients
Thirdly, offers text message reminders, or “SMS reminders”. This means messages are sent out to patients' cellphones, whereby they can read all the information they need. Most customers and patients prefer this method because it is a very efficient way to convey basic appointment information and they can read and respond quickly to the reminder. Thus, they are kept happy, but less information can be included in a text message. Also, older patients might not use a cellphone, so that can be a problem for some.

Nevertheless, offers all three of these reminder methods for healthcare businesses. Therefore, a perfect balance can be struck by using the correct method for each patient. This should let businesses remind patients and customers of upcoming appointments, reducing the number of people that don't turn up.

About is committed to offering secure and reliable appointment reminders for businesses at affordable prices. Based in Denver, the company operates across the whole of North America. They specialize in HIPAA compliant reminders within the healthcare sector and have operated since 2011, growing a large customer base since then.

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