Auto Insurance Monkey Now Offering Better Rates On Car Insurers Through New Localized Searching

Auto Insurance Monkey is an online insurance site that helps people find local insurers who can offer more competitive rates that the big national companies, simply by entering a zip code.

Getting vehicle insurance is something of an annual nuisance for many people, as the major players compete to undercut one another by as little as possible, often by hiding gaps in their coverage in the small-print or trying to make their deal more attractive with useless value-added services. When people simply want a cheap, reliable quote, they may well be better turning to local providers. Auto Insurance Monkey ( gives them that opportunity, by listing insurers according to the driver’s zip code, which can help them identify great value local providers and save on their car insurance premiums.

Unlike price comparison sites which drive hundreds of national level providers to the top of all their rankings, many of which may not even be active in the driver’s state, Auto Insurance Monkey shows only local providers.

Individuals simply enter their zip code and see an instant shortlist, from which they can compare three or four of the providers to check their rates and coverage before choosing the most attractive option.
The site also offers a comprehensive set of resources on how individuals can further save and reduce their premiums to get the best possible value, with many tips and tricks, an FAQ, and more.

A spokesperson for AutoInsuranceMonkey explained, “We are committed to helping people get the best deals on car insurance, and get them as quickly as possible. As such, we use the zip code to determine that we are only ever furnishing our users with results that are directly relevant to them, and can service their needs accordingly. The website database is frequently updated as more and more local and national insurers rush to list with us, and while beginning in New Jersey, we are rapidly expanding through more and more states to offer the best local coverage on a national scale.”

About Auto Insurance Monkey: Auto Insurance Monkey help local insurance providers compete with the major national players by offering locally optimized search results for individuals seeking car insurance quotes. The website enables drivers to enter their zip code and see the best offers from local providers to compare, contrast, and get the best deal available.

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