Authority Health Magazine Introduces Homemade Remedies for Razor Bump Treatment

Authority Health Magazine introduces natural and homemade solutions to treat razor bumps and cuts. The experts suggest using cold/ hot press, Aloe Vera and more to reduce the bacterial infection, rashes, and other irritation.

Authority Health Magazine is taking the step to introduce the must require remedies for razor bumps, nicks, and rashes. As they said, shaving with a razor is very common all over the world both among men and women.

They pointed at the skin irritations and bumps that occur after using a razor which makes the skin go uneven. Now, they are bringing solutions for how to get rid of razor bumps with natural and homemade stuff. Their main focus is to educate people on protecting their skin without using chemical components and at a very low cost.

The Chief Editor and Author of the magazine, Kristina Robert said, the irritation occurs after shaving because of the ingrowth of hair. She further added, “More than 30% of people carry Staphylococcus Aureus, a certain type of bacteria on their skin. It can enter the skin via a small cut from shaving, and it gives way to extreme irritation, rashes, and redness usually known as razor rash.”

The experts have given several ways to treat this issue like using cold or hot press after shaving to soothe down the irritation. Secondly, using baking soda along with water and applying it on the shaved area for 5 minutes can help. After that, one can wash it off with cold water; it will be all good. However, this is a mild solution, and one needs to repeat this for 3-4 times daily for 2-3 days.

Another suggestion for reducing pimples after shaving is to use Aloe Vera gel. It has the natural anti-bacterial property that helps in improving the skin texture as well as keeps it safe from infection and other bacterial attacks.

The other solution in the list includes Tea Tree oil which is an essential oil with anti-inflammatory property. It will help in reducing razor bumps and rashes, giving a smooth skin. They have also given the method of using it; that is by diluting the oil either with coconut oil or with water. Applying this for 1 to 2 times a day will be good enough, as suggested.

Other razor bump treatment includes using apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, cucumber, coconut oil and more.
Though the Authority Health Magazine heads have kept their major focus on using natural and homemade remedies, there are few other things that people must know which includes aspirin paste, alum block, antibacterial cream and more.

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