Authorities Advise Travelers to Practice Caution Memorial Day Weekend

Heavy Holiday Traffic Leads Officials to Urge Caution on the Road

According to the studies by the National Coalition for Safer Roads, accidents are unusually high during Memorial Day Weekend when compared to other holiday weekends. More drivers on the road leading to congestion and aggressive driving tactics. Results show that over 2.3 million drivers in 18 states ran a red light. This is 27% higher than the average red light violations during other holiday weekends.

To prevent unwanted road accidents, it’s important to observe proper road etiquette, prepare for a long car ride, and know when you need to pull over and relax. Every weekend traveler should have a first aid kit stored in their vehicle. Having one can help manage any accident that one might encounter while on the road.

Surviveware, the maker of high-quality adventure and preparedness gear, offers a first aid kit for road and weekend travels- the Large First Aid Kit. This expanded first aid kit provides a thorough protection for any vehicle-related injuries.

The kit contains 200 first aid supplies for handling wounds, such as lacerations, punctures, scrapes, and gashes, as well as insect bites, sprains, and bruises. It also contains medical tools such as safety pins, hydrogel, nitrile gloves, tweezers, hypoallergenic tape, splinter probes, and cold packs. Surviveware also includes a removable CPR kit and mini first aid kit that can be used for ultralightweight travels.

All provisions are stored inside resealable pouches in organized compartments in a heavy-duty polyester bag. Surviveware customers love the organized and labeled compartments that arrange the items according to their usage. All items can easily be retrieved and afterward replaced with new supplies in an orderly fashion.

Surviveware has received many recommendations from first responders, ER nurses, EMTs, and paramedics. A retired paramedic and Surviveware customer wrote a review about the large first aid kit, “As a retired Paramedic, I found this to be one of the most well thought out, inclusive of much-needed items, and best organized first aid kits. It allows for the addition of personalized medications, i.e., OTC vs. other medications. There is an offer for a CAT Tourniquet, which was a great surprise. I purchased it for friends and was awestruck by its contents. (I had to peek!)

I would highly recommend this to campers, hikers, outdoors folk, and even for home kits. I am going to order more for presents. (I used to make these kits myself, but After seeing this product no more, I cannot do any better than this kit for the money.) It even comes with a smaller pocket sized first aid kit.

I wished I had thought of it. Hope you never have to use it, but if you do, it will get the job done. The owners Amanda and her husband are very personable, down to earth and just nice folks to interact with.”

Hit the road this Memorial Day Weekend with Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit. Get yours now and slash 20% off the price when you use an Amazon coupon code.

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