Author Offers a Five Point Plan to Choosing Super Foods for the Family

Introducing the new Super Food Guides, Keith Thompson advises that before embarking on any diet, a knowledge of the raw ingredients is vital. His Five Point Plan shows how to choose super foods that will suit all family lifestyles.

One of the authors of a series called 'The Super Food Guides,' Keith Thompson has provided a five-point plan to super foods, while paying tribute to the ancient world civilisations that influenced his thinking.

Thompson, author of '12 Superfoods Revealed,' which is released this week, is convinced that modern fad diets can do more harm than good.

He said: "A prime example of this, is the Atkins Diet. Because of Dr Atkins' medical background, all of a sudden, people were pounding red meat down their throats and avoiding fruit and vegetables. Many folks lost weight, but other doctors emphasised possible liver damage. Yet the book sold in bucket loads."

All the authors in the ten strong series called 'The Super Food Guides' suggest that starting with raw ingredients will be a more satisfactory approach than any commercial diet which will usually be about preaching a system.

“Preaching does not work. Neither does Prohibition. If a family has a family of five kids, on a fasting diet, it's going to be difficult to stop them eating chocolate in break time at school. It’s all about balance of life style and eating habits," argues Thompson.

The Superfood Guides are designed to cut through the major claims and provide advice based on common sense. Keith Thompson’s Five Point Plan suggests avoiding fad diets, listening to medical advice, how to go about research, who to ask for recommendations and the often underrated aspect of flavour. "Food can be medicine, but it doesn't have to taste like it," Thompson said.

He also points to ancient civilisations for inspiration, "Although today's world is seen to be advanced in terms if science and technology, the interesting is that ancestors passed down all the nutritional to successive generations. Modern science has simply confirmed that they were right. The Greeks and Romans were singing the praises of flaxseed and scientific proof has shown that they were right to do so."

Keith Thompson is author of 12 Superfoods Revealed which is part of the newly launched ten book series, The Superfood Guides on Kindle.

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