Author Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs Announces New Book "Where Hands Go" Educating Children about Sexual Abuse

Founder of Kids Again Foundation passionate about protecting traumatized children releases new book for parents and children to read, and start a conversation against sexual crimes

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic cases of child sexual abuse have skyrocketed. Often a taboo topic, writer Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs is taking steps to spread awareness and combat the issue to protect the kids by educating them to become aware.

The founder of Kids Again Foundation is launching her new book titled "Where Hands Go: An Introduction to Safe and Unsafe Touch." The book teaches children how to respond when other people touch them. Kids learn what parts of their body others can touch, what parts are wrong, and who should touch them. The book comes with beautiful illustration that makes it fun, relaxing, engaging, and educative to read for the whole family. During this time of covid-19 and exacerbated instances and reports of child sexual abuse, such a book becomes essential in combating the unacceptable trend.

"Earlier this year, I suspected a child close to me was being sexually abused. The news has shaken me to my core and devastated my community. I felt like a failure because I did not see the signs earlier," said Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs, author of Where Hands Go. "To fight against child sexual abuse, I've written this children's book. It is a poem turned into a book written as a conversation starter/early introduction to safe and unsafe touch."

Where Hands Go is a book not just for kids but for the whole family. Parents can read with their children to start a conversation about the content. They can also use it to build connections, improve their activities, and help their kids learn vital lessons that will protect them against child molesters even when they're not around.

Sexual predators are everywhere and are usually people the parents or children know and trust. That's why it's hard to detect because the children can't imagine someone they trust hurting them. With this book, parents have a powerful educational tool and material to help them fight sexual abuse crime affecting millions of children worldwide.

Where Hands Go can also be useful in the classroom. It can also be a powerful companion for other NGOs, psychologists, and therapists who work with children dealing with traumas due to molestation.

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Kids Again Foundation uses creative ideas to address challenges faced by children who are victims of abuse. They help traumatized children recover by sponsoring and engaging them in music, sports, arts, and engaging activities. The founder is passionate about children and is committed to a better society by protecting kids.

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