Author and Weight-Loss Coach, Orna Purkin, on CNN's 'Quest Means Business' Discusses the Future of Weight Watchers

Orna Purkin, author, coach and popular speaker on weight loss issues was recently interviewed on CNN International's financial program, "Quest Means Business." A former Weight Watchers Leader and Ambassador, Ms Purkin discussed the Weight Watchers program and its potential viability going forward.

Orna Purkin, author of "The Yummier You: 7 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy & Yummy Life", is a successful private weight-loss coach, former Weight Watchers Leader and Ambassador and frequent speaker on the topics of health, nutrition and weight loss. She appeared on CNN International’s “Quest Means Business” on February 27th. Speaking with the program's host, Richard Quest, Ms Purkin was asked about her personal experience with Weight Watchers, her views on its effectiveness as a weight-loss tool in the age of "the app" and her feelings on how Weight Watchers can survive its competition in the 21st century.

While Weight Watchers has helped many people over the years, the company has experienced severe losses in its stock value over the last few years, from a high of $83 per share in early 2011 to the recent low of $11.34. This drop in stock price has drastically affected the company’s overall value, taking it from a high of $6 billion in 2011 to a “skinny” $1 billion today. Conventional wisdom attributes the drop to the company’s inability to keep up with the latest trends in the dieting industry, such as smartphone apps and other computer programs for diet and fitness.

Purkin says, “Now they’re focusing much more on healthy eating, so they actually are up with the times. In my opinion, the program is better now than it has ever been before.” However, Ms Purkin also suggests that Weight Watchers should invest in improved training programs for their leaders and staff if they intend to compete in the current marketplace.

Originally from South Africa, Orna Purkin struggled with her weight since childhood, and followed many different weight-loss plans without achieving permanent success. Joining Weight Watchers in the U.S., she finally found a program that gave her the desired results. She diligently attended meetings, followed the guidelines, and lost 40 pounds. She has maintained that loss for more than a decade. Her dedication to the program and the desire to help others led her to become a successful Weight Watchers leader, ambassador and a lifetime member. She believes that committing to the program and regularly attending meetings builds personal accountability and leads to results.

Orna created her company, OrnaBakes, and recently published her book, “The Yummier You: 7 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy & Yummy Life” to share her personal weight-loss journey and help as many people as possible reach and maintain their desired weight-loss goals. She believes the only path to success for most people is to permanently change their relationship with food. She offers her services as a private weight-loss coach and is frequently invited to lecture on the subject.

When not helping others achieve their health and weight goals, Orna, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, is also a professional jazz singer. Her debut album, “The Very Thought of You” was released in 2003 to international acclaim. She lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband, Sam, and their five-year-old daughter.

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