Author And Doctor of Medicine (Residency Candidate), Zeeshan Hoodbhoy, Announces Two Children's Book Now Available On Amazon

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is offering the world two children books. These books offer insightful lessons on the importance of revolutionary technology and good health habits to living a happy and fulfilled life

Las Vegas, Nevada: Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is proud to announce he is releasing two children's book, which is now available on Amazon store. These books are written with the aim of providing informative and educational benefits to help young children grow in their learning and skill acquisition.

The first book is titled Baby Tesla, which is a book written to provide information to kids about the benefits of the Tesla Car. Baby Tesla is inspired by the creativity and innovation that is associated with the Tesla Brand and Mr Elon Musk. The second book is titled The Healthy Alphabet Book. Through the book, young people will be able to learn fun facts about food, using the alphabets.

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Children grow into adults who are thinkers and innovators when they are exposed to great books in the early stage of their development. They need to read about amazing things that will trigger their imagination and help them improve their reasoning abilities and problem solving skills.

The author, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy, was inspired to write two children's books one for each of his nieces. He desires to see the next generation of problem solvers emerge from their childhood and have an abundance of educational, yet entertaining media. Zeeshan earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in 2011 and is currently pursuing a residency in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine or Pediatrics, studying under the Nevada Medical Board President. He is a nutritional consultant for Celebrities and Athletes, a knowledge he acquired through his post-doctoral schooling, studying under the top medical professionals in Las Vegas and taking courses from institutions such as Harvard and Stanford.

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy's work is not just about reading but providing a means by which kids can be inspired to build their imagination and make it into anything they desired.

Baby Tesla will teach kids to be aware of their environment and take charge of the responsibility of making sure that it's safe, healthy, and secure. Baby tesla will also teach kids about the importance of technological revolution, and how it will help make the world a better place.

Nutrition is about the most important thing when it comes to health issues. Reading The Healthy Alphabet Book will help kids to discover the essence of good and healthy food and its importance to their overall health.

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