Authentic Handcrafted Aussie Men's Grooming Products

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Aussie-based company produces a unique range of grooming products for men. Each product is handcrafted in Western Australia, and each one aims to be as organic as possible.

Men's grooming products have become more popular as attitudes towards grooming have changed over the years. Nowadays, most men will make an effort to look after their skin, keep their hair nice, and care for their beards. As a result, the demand for high-quality grooming products has increased. Unfortunately, most products are made using lots of extreme ingredients - some of which do more harm than good. Black Magic Organic is a small Australian company that's looking to change this by introducing a range of organic men's grooming products that are crafted by hand.

Organic and natural ingredients/materials
Black Magic Organic is hoping to shake-up the grooming game with its supply of natural men's grooming products. Most of the products are made with organic ingredients, with some being 100% organic and others still being an impressive 70%. The company strives to make each product as clean as possible, using as few preservatives and refined ingredients as can be.

The company sources all of its materials from natural places throughout Australia. Only the finest materials are chosen - and they are all renewable. The company is committed to following honest ethical standards to achieve a sustainable future. Very little is wasted during the manufacturing process, and each product is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Plastic is avoided as much as possible, reducing the waste produced by each product.

Handcrafted in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Black Magic Organic was founded in the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia. Here, every single product is crafted by hand. There are no fancy machines here making everything - it's all done by human beings and good old fashioned hard work. It ensures that each grooming product is created with the maximum care and attention it deserves.

About Black Magic Organic
The company was founded by Rikki Smedley, who had the vision to create organic men's grooming products that were good for the environment. He continues to source and develop Black Magic Organic products, with the help of Melanie Smedley running customer support. It's a humble business in Kalgoorlie, calling upon traditional shaving methods handed down from generation to generation. The products consist of a range of grooming essentials and accessories, as well as a variety of oils, creams and balms. Black Magic Organic olds three key pinnacles that have guided the business since day one. It sees itself as responsible for providing environmentally-friendly products that are sustainable and 100% recyclable. It hopes to reduce waste as much as possible by limiting plastic usage. Finally, Black Magic Organic is committed to using renewable resources and ensuring each product lasts for as long as possible.

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Press enquiries can be sent to Philip Reece via email at Alternatively, he can be reached via telephone at 0422190683, or direct mail: 2/38 Beach Rd, Dolphin Heads QLD 4740.

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Name: Philip Reece
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Organization: Black Magic Organic
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Name: Philip Reece
Email: Send Email
Organization: Black Magic Organic
Address: 2/38 Beach Rd, Dolphin Heads QLD 4740