Australian Self-Publishing Expert Emma Hamlin Launches ‘Authors of Influence Academy’

The Bestselling Author and Publisher to Launch Self-Publishing Course on International Women’s Day.

Emma Hamlin believes books have the power to transform the lives of female entrepreneurs. And she seems to be onto something. Something big. In fact, in September 2019, she founded an independent publishing house that has since released one Amazon international bestseller after another – each authored by women. The resulting success spurred Hamlin to develop the Authors of Influence Academy, a coaching program designed to help women write, publish and launch non-fiction books.

“If you’re a coach or business owner, publishing a book is the best way to brand yourself as an expert in your respective industry. Launching a self-published book will catapult your influence, attract clients and motivate them to take action. But only if it’s done right,” explained Hamlin. “The key focus of my program is an aligned marketing strategy behind the message. Without that, too many self-published non-fiction writers end up with a garage full of books gathering dust.”

The Authors of Influence program teaches a unique framework, including a strategic writing and content formula designed to make self-publishing a book quick and easy. The Academy also gives participants access to a supportive community of fellow coaches and entrepreneurs.

According to Hamlin, there is a notable gap in quality writing and publishing resources for women seeking to use books as strategic platforms to attract leads for their business and establish themselves as thought leaders.

“If you already have a client-base, large or small, there are ways to create revenue from a book before you even publish a word. An author using my pre-launch framework generated $14,000 within a week from her book, before she wrote her first draft.”

Hamlin is not only the principal at Change Maker Press and a successful entrepreneur in her own right, before moving into the world of publishing, Hamlin had a thriving career in sales and marketing at one of Australia’s largest corporations.

“I have a background leading multi-million dollar per month sales teams, so I’m big on strategy; however, I believe that intention is everything,” she stated.

“As women, our vision for success typically includes not only the desire to grow our influence and income but also to help make the world a better place. That pure intent of purpose is at the very core of everything I do within the program.”

She chose March 8 – International Women’s Day – as the launch date for the new program to reinforce its mission and focus.

“I work with women from a variety of different niches, ranging from lawyers and accountants to therapists and energy workers. I want to help women in business succeed. That’s the bottom line,” she added.

Thsi year, Hamlin is releasing a new book based on her 'Author Influence' strategies.

“I’m calling in like-minded women to connect with me, take action and discover what’s possible.”

For more information about the Authors of Influence Academy, go to @emma.hamlin on Instagram or

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