Australian Modular Home Builder is Leading the way on New Sustainable Home Designs

Mcgrath homes is using its nearly 50 years of experience to design and build affordable and attractive homes that can withstand the demands of living in today's world.

There are numerous reasons for the increase in the popularity of modular homes across Australia. Many homeowners and would-be homeowners are looking for a comfortable home more affordable to purchase and reside in than other options. Larger homes have become less appealing as people are seeking ways to become more earth-friendly and as urban areas become too crowded to accommodate large lots comfortably. Mcgrath Homes has been leading the movement in sustainable housing for some time, and they are launching their new campaign to increase awareness about their line of modern, comfortable and affordable homes.

“We are proud of our ability to combine sustainable homes with cutting edge design.” Company spokesman Ian Ginbey expressed. “We have been able to stay relevant in the modular home market for nearly 50 years because we have always worked hard to give our customers what they want and what they need. This has never been more accurate than it is with our latest line of homes. We have made it possible for people to have homes that are scaled down, but not crowded. All of the amenities they need are included and yet, the homes are so efficient to operate there is never any guilt about living comfortably.”

“Homes that are able to be relocated and affordably customized are a unique item that not every home builder is properly prepared to achieve,” Stated Ginbey.” But at McGrath, we have been able to do just that. With so much concern over global climate change, our designs have become even more in demand. People are able to have modern, attractive and comfortable homes, but have them knowing they are being built in a manner that is ecologically sound and will be as efficient as possible while they are living in them. Just as importantly, the homes are built to be solid and withstand any type of weather they may be exposed to.”

Ginbey explained that Mcgrath Homes also works hard to make the entire process progress as efficiently as possible. This is why they do so much of the work themselves. They use their floorplans to help customize a home, build the home to their specification and then ship and install the home at its new location. If the client chooses, they can also help with the financing. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these homes can learn more at

About Mcgrath Homes

Mcgrath Homes has been in the modular home business since 1967. The company has a large inventory of existing home designs that can be customized and installed anywhere in Perth or Western Australia. The company is very careful to keep their carbon footprint small and to make the homes they build as ecofriendly as possible. In addition to their stylish residential homes they also design and build units for commercial use. The company offers two display centres, one in Wangara and one in Maddington, for anyone interested in learning more.

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