Australia Universities Produce World’s Most Efficient Solar Panels

Those making the move save more than ever before in less space

It’s no secret that Australia has been driving forward the solar industry for quite some time now, with the government providing significant tax incentives to help encourage people to make the move. Recently the UNSW announced the culmination of its recent research, the world’s most efficient solar panels, capable of converting 40 percent of incoming solar power directly into electrical energy. The technique involves spreading the incoming light between a set of four cells, enhancing the conversion rate significantly.

With a 20-25% increase over the present domestic panels, there is a strong drive to see these converted for use in homes in the near future. Never before has an efficiency this high been reached, not even in the most advanced solar panels used in critical applications such as space exploration. This kind of efficiency from a solar panel means that more than ever before, this green source of electricity is well positioned to start dethroning fossil fuels as the go-to power source.

The actual technique behind the system is both ingenious and complex, utilizing a system of mirrors and solar panels set up to take full advantage of the entire spectrum of light available in sunlight. This sets up the panels to convert sunlight that previously was nothing more than waste into valuable electricity. This kind of advancement is what makes the UNSW deserving of the funding provided by ARENA, the Australia Renewable Energy Agency.

ARENA was established in July of 2012 by the Government of Australia with two objectives. To move forward the ability of renewable energies to challenge more traditional fuels, and to increase the availability of the same throughout the country. They provide $2.5 billion each year in funding to renewable energy projects, R&D by various qualified entities, and the collection and distribution of information related to renewable energy.

Home Solar Panels has been watching this advancing tech closely. They’ve served the Melbourne community for years providing domestic and commercial solar panels to local homes and businesses. Their dedication to staying at the front of their game, working hard to maintain their certification with both the ASC and the CEC has given them a reputation beyond refute. Look for this tech to become available from them as soon as it hits the market.

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