Austin Godsey Offers Instagram Marketing with Flair

Austin Godsey is showcasing what is possible with Instagram.

Austin Godsey has experienced the kind of hardships that teach proper life lessons. Having been homeless on more than one occasion, for example, Austin, the now successful entrepreneur, is showing others how to break the vicious cycle of generational poverty. Having spent years in trading/networking marketing companies, Austin has learned the importance of showcasing a powerful brand to the ever-changing technological world. Austin’s latest project @socialblerr is the perfect example of what brand marketing can do.

Austin uses his business ventures as both brand assertion and examples of how social media and technology allow motivated individuals to grow both personally and financially. Social Blerr taps into a core part of the movement, which is digital marketing. It encourages business owners to engage with their peers and their customers alike in social media and provides them with the tools they need to acquire targeted followers daily along with organic comments and an overall stronger influence online.

Throughout his years in networking marketing companies, Austin learned the importance of creating qualified leaders through motivation and training in order to help them break the cycle of poverty. Business owners today can grow a mom and pop shop into a thriving enterprise by merely pushing their brand to the forefront in platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Austin keeps himself busy with his various business ventures and is always happy to engage in his Instagram @imaustingodfrey and Twitter @imaustingodfrey accounts.

While he has achieved plenty of success already, Austin is just getting started. Everything changed for the entrepreneur when he decided to invest in his future by attending his first business convention. He took a risk and asks today’s business owners to do the same. Social Blerr is just another door of the many doors that Austin is opening up for business owners; all they have to do is walk-in.

About Austin Godfrey: Austin Godfrey is a young entrepreneur looking to make a difference. After investing in his first convention for his business, Austin was on the way up. Over the years, his skills in digital marketing have allowed him to build several profitable companies from the ground up. Today, Austin is keen on helping other aspiring entrepreneurs reach their goals, helping them escape the type of habits that harm their chances over the long run. Austin is looking to grow, teach, and reward.

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