AUS Rubbish Removal Announces Seminar On Proper Waste Disposal To Combat Hefty Fines

Waste management quote company extends efforts to help find affordable trash removal.

Sources from the environmental sector indicate the cost of waste disposal in Australia is snowballing due to a number of factors. Rising fuel prices are driving up the cost of garbage pickup and transport while waste processing expenses are on the rise as well. Growing environmental concerns combined with waning landfill space also play a role in this current surge, which falls heavily on the shoulders of waste management companies across the country.

In order to offset the increasing expenditures, such companies are forced to raise the prices of their services for customers. This financial burden is further compounded by recently implemented fees for improper trash disposal. Though such transgressions are often not intentional, fees are not waived due to lack of understanding of disposal guidelines. In an effort to educate the public on proper disposal, James Swanson of AUS Rubbish Removal has announced the company's online seminar on proper trash clearing methods.

Swanson confirmed, "Our goal is to help greatly reduce the amount of fees customers are paying for adding items to their skip bins that shouldn't be there. The majority of the general public is unaware of which items are acceptable and which are not, so we aim to help clarify the guidelines. There are 4 general types of waste, and strict regulations apply to the articles allowed in each type of bin."

The company's website lists these waste categories as general, green, concrete and bricks and heavy waste. General waste covers any items available at retail stores and garden waste. Electronics and appliances fall into this classification as do furniture and paper goods. Green waste bins are reserved for grass clippings, tree branches and other items growing above ground. Small tree stumps are also typically allowed.

Concrete and bricks left after construction, renovation or demolition efforts must be placed in a bin of their own and should not be mixed with other types of rubbish. Heavy waste bins hold almost all types of non-hazardous waste with the exception of bricks and concrete, sand, stone and certain types of flooring and building materials. Harmful materials like asbestos, oils and fuel, liquid paints, food items and tires are not allowed in skip bins as they require specific disposal methods.

Concluded Swanson, "Being sure to separate the various types of rubbish will help eliminate any fees imposed for not doing so. Renting the correct size and number of bins will also help keep the costs down. More detailed information can be found on our website, and some guidelines vary slightly by company. We provide price estimates to help consumers find the lowest possible prices for such services. We have more than 4,000 waste management companies in our database, so we can seek out the most competitive quotes for the services our customers need."

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