ATX Factory Joins League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces

Acceptance into network gives ATX Factory members access to co-working spaces worldwide

Membership in ATX Factory, an amenities-filled east side co-working space, now gives members access to co-working spaces in other major cities around the world.

ATX Factory is pleased to announce that it has joined the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces, a network of more than 70 high-end co-working spaces across the United States and the world including countries like Canada, China, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Acceptance into the league allows all ATX Factory members to co-work across LEXC’s network.

“We looked at various partnership opportunities to provide our members with access to other co-working spaces across the United States and the world. When we found LEXC, their mission of high-end co-working spaces, standards of excellence, and community engagement aligned closely with ours,” said ATX Factory founder Vijay Mehra.

“It is a perfect partnership and we are proud to open our membership to these incredible co-working spaces and the businesses who work in these spaces.”

Mehrabought and renovated a former lighting warehouse at 5323 Lavender Loop in 2015, turning it into a 14,000-square-foot green space powered by solar panels open to a select 140 members.

ATX Factory focuses on transforming the work environment by creating custom co-working spaces that provide personal, fun and high-quality work experiences. It houses some of the city’s most innovative and exciting people and businesses together in one high-end facility.

Its sense of community and high-end amenities allowitto provide the best working experience for its members. All spaces come equipped with fiber internet, conference rooms and desk space.
Community-focused amenities like showers, massage chairs, a full-sized bar area, beer on tap, an outdoor space and a community room with ping pong tables, 4K TVs, gaming consoles and pool tables allow members to network and socialize.

Traditional office space can cost upward of $733 per desk on average in the United States. With membership levels that start at $350, ATX Factory’s pricing options fit companies with lower budgets that still want a high-end working space. This lets them compete with larger companies for top tier talent by having amenities that broaden their company culture.

ATX Factory’s continued focus on co-working excellence has allowed it to build up its membership base to 90 percent capacity in under six months. Its sense of community closely matches the mission of the LEXC.

“As the concept of co-working continues to grow, so do the number of co-working brands across the globe,” said Nick Clark, president of LEXC.

“LEXC is an organization committed to finding the best national and international owner/operators that develop excellent work environments with community being their central focus. We bring these brands together to leverage a network of locations for our members. We’re excited to have ATX Factory as our newest member and second Austin brand.”

To learn more about membership in ATX Factory, visit its website at or call 512-766-8289. More information on the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces is available at

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