Atlanta Chiropractor Dr. Kenneth Weil Talks Family Wellness

Dr. Kenneth Weil, Chiropractor and Family Wellness Expert from Atlanta, was the special guest on the popular internet radio show HealthNews Radio. In this informative interview, Dr. Weil discusses how Chiropractic Care works and the importance of having a healthy nervous system.

Dr. Kenneth Weil is a Chiropractor and Family Wellness Expert who has served the Atlanta Buckhead community for over 18 years. He was recently the special guest on the popular internet radio show HealthNews Radio. During this informative interview, Dr. Weil explains his approach to Chiropractic Care and how he can help the entire family stay healthy. Dr. Weil also discusses the role technology plays in chiropractic and the importance of having children checked by a chiropractor.

Dr. Weil runs a family oriented chiropractic practice that offers both relief and wellness care. The interview is just over half an hour, so Dr. Weil has plenty of time to describe what he does. Most people think of a chiropractor as a doctor who treats back and neck pain. While Dr. Weil does help with these problems, he talks about how chiropractic is much more than just getting people out of pain. He explains the important role of the nervous system in how the entire body functions. Dr. Weil describes how he can identify and correct issues in the spine that can affect how the nervous system functions.

One of the tools that Dr. Weil uses to assess his patients is the Insight Subluxation Station. With this advanced technology, Dr. Weil can determine how well a person’s nervous system is functioning. It is a pain-free, non-invasive assessment that can even be done on children. During his interview, Dr. Weil discusses how this tool can identify possible issues before symptoms arise making it an excellent preventative tool.

Dr. Weil uses the information he obtains from his various assessments to develop a customized plan for each of his patients. By getting the nervous system to function optimally, Dr. Weil has produced wonderful results with a variety of problems not normally associate with the spine, such as improving digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, heart problems, high blood pressure and childhood issues such as ear infections and hyper-activity.

Dr. Weil is committed to making a difference in his community by keeping everyone in the family healthy. He is passionate about getting all children off to a healthy start. A child’s day-to-day activities usually involve a fair share of bumps and falls, which over time, if left unchecked, could cause disruption to the nervous system leading to a whole host of health issues. That is why Dr. Weil recommends children receive chiropractic check-ups to make sure that their nervous systems are working as they should. Dr. Weil extends his commitment to children and the community through his charity which works with corporations and offers health-related talks to raise money for a variety of causes.

Learn more about how chiropractic can help the body function better, the natural way without drugs or surgeries by listening to Dr. Weil’s interview. For more information about the services Dr. Weil offers and to access valuable health and lifestyle tips visit his website at or listen to the complete interview with HealthNews Radio on

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