Atlanta Businessman Kent Osbourne Defies Odds as Convicted Felon to Emerge as Successful Entrepreneur

Osbourne has gone from prison to power through dedication, hard work, and changing his mindset.

Atlanta, GA – Renowned Atlanta businessman, Kent Osbourne, is pleased to announce he has defied the odds against him as a convicted felon to emerge as a highly successful entrepreneur.

Kent Osbourne is a high school dropout from Melbourne, Florida, who ended up in jail due to a slew of life-changing roadblocks and oppositions. Though this assortment of obstacles tried to keep Osbourne from reaching his true potential, Osbourne dramatically arose from the ashes to become a resilient young man who defied the odds. Currently, Osbourne is the founder and CEO of three wildly successful businesses –including acting as a mentor, motivational speaker, and owner of a trucking company.

“Even though life has thrown me many curveballs, failure was not an option,” Osbourne says. “After I had dropped out of school and subsequently went to prison, no one wanted to hire me. This was devastating for me, but I wasn’t about to let this stop me from turning my life around. So, I decided to start my own business and hire myself – and that’s exactly what I did.”

Just by looking at his three businesses, it is evident Osbourne has persevered to become a highly respectable role model to those around him. Osbourne’s trucking company, K.O. Trucking LLC, for example, provides freight delivery throughout the southeast to various warehouses. His large client base can always rely on Osbourne to provide professional services, each and every time.

Osbourne’s second business is a non-profit organization called Prison to Power Inc. This opportunity enables Osbourne to mentor misguided youth and reduce juvenile incarceration and recidivism rates. Additionally, Osbourne also acts as a motivational speaker for his company, Generation Changers International LLC. In this role, Osbourne speaks to youth at events and seminars to discuss topics such as ‘the people you hang around play a major role in your life,’ and ‘what’s your wake-up call?’

“Even when I was on the streets selling drugs, I was always a boss,” states Osbourne. “This entrepreneurial spirit never left me and its one of the biggest reasons why I don’t shy away from hard work. As I always like to say, ‘when the going got tough, the tough got going.’ Now I have God on my side, nothing can stop me from accomplishing my goals and helping others to do the same.”

To relay his story to the public and help others who may be struggling to find direction, Osbourne wrote a book about his life story entitled, From Prison to Power. Osbourne’s book rapidly became a best-seller on Amazon and is currently available for purchase.

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About Kent Osbourne

Kent Osbourne is a native of Melbourne, Florida, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Osbourne is the proud owner and CEO of K.O. Trucking LLC, Generation Changers International LLC, and Prison to Power Inc.

Osbourne is also a renowned songwriter, singer, and hip-hop artist – selling tens of thousands of albums and singles which highlight Osbourne’s journey and personal experiences.

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