At the Beep Creates Memories with Audio Guest Books at Weddings and Events

At the Beep is making weddings and events more fun and memorable with their ToneMatic Phone. Guests can leave voicemail messages for hosts to listen to and share after the event.

Finding unique ways to create fun for the guests at weddings and other events can be difficult. At the Beep is offering an exciting way to get everyone talking with their audio guest books.

At the Beep sends party throwers a clever phone with a retro look but hides modern technology inside. The phone has a computer inside, which records guest messages as individual voicemails. All voicemails left by guests are then saved as a video file that the host and their guests can share after the event. The video can be shared on social channels or elsewhere, and it can even be customized with a photo.

Using a ToneMatic Phone for At the Beep is simple. It's shipped to the customer before the event, with shipping included in the rental fee. The phone arrives no later than a day before the event and all the customer has to do is plug it in and turn it on. To record a message, guests just have to pick up the phone and start talking.

After the phone has been returned to At the Beep, they send the messages within 24 hours (1 business day). The messages are uploaded to a gallery of messages to make them easy to share with friends and family. An audio guest book is a fun way to add something unique to any event, from weddings to birthday parties. Guests can leave a message specifically for the hosts or happy couple, or they could just talk about all of the fun they're having, sing a song, or leave any message they like.

The phones are so easy to use that all guests can do it, no matter their age. Young and old can join in, knowing that their messages will be available to listen to and share later. It's a great touch to add to an event as an alternative to or in addition to a photobooth or similar activities encouraging guest interaction. There's no need for an attendant or anyone who could be listening to the calls - which means, for better or worse, guests can say what they like.

At the Beep phones are available to ship in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. People in other countries can get in touch to enquire about the service too. Hiring a phone includes full weekend hire, return shipping, setup instructions, batteries and charger, and unlimited guest voicemails. It's easy to book a phone online by first checking available dates and then placing the booking. Shipping both to and from the customer is then included in the rental price

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