At School Today Aims to Improve Student Success with an App that Streamlines Communication Between Schools and Home

Live on Kickstarter, At School Today is a communication platform that offers teacher to parent to child engagement, smart forms & payment on a smartphone.

At School Today™, the revolutionary new app setting out to improve teacher to parent communication, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Each day parents across the world are bombarded with paper documents, permission slips, payment requests and more from schools— and thanks to kids often at the very last minute before an item is due. At School Today™ is an all new app designed to streamline and automate the process; giving parents the information they need in a convenient, easy-to-use digital format

"Busy working parents and split families are required to work so hard in the modern environment, many times they lose track of what is required to support their children at school.  Unless a parent is fully engaged in their child’s life and know what to look for and how to find out how to support their children at school, they are lost.  The problem is only exacerbated with multiple children,” says Geoff Jordan, President of At School Today. “Our communication platform brings all required information directly to the palm of all parents’ hands into their smartphone.  In 5 minutes or less, a parent can know a child’s homework assignment, read a newsletter, buy milk tickets, sign and return permission forms, pay for field trips or fundraisers, let the school know if a child will be late and even provide a picture, email and cell phone number of someone who is coming to pick a child up from school early.  All from their smartphone.  This needs to exist to allow parents to effectively handle the requirements of family life and once installed, we’ll wonder how we lived without it.”

At School Today™ offers several leading features including:

• Payment and auto-fill permission forms via a parent's smartphone with linkable notifications, event lists and calendar system
• Mobile payment and communication conduit
• Integration with other online systems such as Google Classroom, Facebook, Twitter, Class Dojo, Shutterfly and more
• Accessible for everyone —  it can be easily adopted by a single teacher, without integration setup. It is also designed to be scalable to be adopted by an entire school or board.

An iOS MVP is already complete and with successful funding, the company is hoping to complete the build for Android and further scale and expand to schools worldwide.

"We are the only mobile app that provides auto-fill permission forms and payments on a smartphone. Nothing exists in the market that encompasses all the functions listed above in one place.  Many of the current communication platforms share chat rooms which limit the confidentiality of the families and children, fun but not effective.  Many of the applications currently available also provide limited features and do not solve the parent problem,” adds Jordan. “This is before we’ve even discussed the benefits to schools and teachers.  Bear in mind the work-time savings at the schools, the storage costs, paper costs, money handling issues that all schools and teachers face.  Nothing completes the communication circuit like At School Today™”

The At School Today™ crowdfunding campaign is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About At School Today™

At School Today™ is a flexible — easy to use payment and communication platform in a single application on a mobile computer used by every parent — the smartphone. It is designed to be a passageway that accepts communication formats that schools already use, avoiding duplication of efforts. It is fast, easy to use and powerful. At School Today™ saves on admin time, automates repetitive human efforts, reduces photocopying and paper budgets (thus having a significant green component). At School Today™ saves schools, teachers and parents truckloads of time and frees up admin budgets for the classroom.

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