Asher College Is Helping Las Vegas Train Veterans To Get Back To Work

Asher College in Las Vegas is helping Veterans and members of the community get training to fill the needs of Nevada’s labor market.

Asher College in Las Vegas is helping Veterans and members of the community get training to fill the needs of Nevada’s labor market.

Asher College has been in business since 1998 and has been an approved provider of Veteran training benefits since 2002. Being selected as a Military Friendly® school, they take this mission very seriously. Asher honors the sacrifice of US Veterans and wants to help them transition some of the training and disciplines they acquired in the military into their civilian lives, said David Vice, Asher College President.

Asher College teaches a variety of programs. Students enrolled in Information Technology can learn how to build and repair computers, work on Microsoft and Cisco networks, Windows and Linux operating systems, Windows server administration and design as well as PC and network Security. In addition to this training, students can validate those skills with certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, the Linux Professional Institute and Cisco.

Asher College also provides a variety of health services and business career training programs. The medical programs range from learning to work and earn certifications in medical administration and electronic health records (EHR), to more advanced skills like Medical Billing and Coding. Asher College also just became approved to help students become a nationally certified and state licensed Pharmacy Technician. Or for those who seek a broad array of employment options, the business programs teach administrative computer and office accounting skills. Students in these programs can earn certifications in QuickBooks as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

In addition to the certification programs, Asher College also offers eight Associate of Applied Science Degree programs by adding the following six courses to their accredited certificate programs: Critical Thinking, Introduction to Business, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Business Math, American and Nevada Government.

Asher College’s Director of Education, Anne Buzak stated that at Asher College, most adult students arrive with some educational achievements. She went on to say that Asher does their best to analyze and transfer credits that pertain to courses already taken, to shorten the length of time it takes a Veteran to complete programs and more quickly transition those skills into gainful employment.

The college also provides unique attention to each potential student and future graduate. Prior to enrollment, each potential student is assigned a personal Admissions Advisor to make sure the time and benefits pay off in way of the career they are seeking. Each student also has access to a full-time on-campus Certifying Official to help answer questions and assist with the administration needed to pursue enrollment and process the paperwork in relation to the additional Veteran benefits available to them as they progress through the program.

Federal financial aid is also available to those who qualify, and the financial aid officers are happy to help students explore those options.  Every student at Asher College also works with the Directors of Education and Career Services on the development of soft-skills, building and updating their resumes, interviewing and more. Bill Zavatchin, Asher College’s Director of Career Services added that while employers look for technical skills and certifications, many also seek candidates who have commitments to accountability, critical thinking, flexibility, and resiliency. The development of these and other soft skills are also key elements of a successful career.

Asher College also partners with local agencies to seek out networking opportunities to bring awareness and resources to Veterans and their families. Whether already working in the field or beginning a new career, Asher College's customized schedules can help Veterans or their dependents gain valuable market-driven skills. The campus has been approved for training veterans under the Montgomery GI Bill®; Chapter 30, the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program; Chapter 31, the Post 9/11 GI Bill®; Chapter 33, the Montgomery GI Bill® -Selected Reserve, Chapter 1606, the Reserve Educational Assistance Program; Chapter 1607, and the Dependence Education and Assistance Program, Chapter 35.

For more information about Asher College and their commitment to supporting military and former military students and their families, visit Asher College’s website at

Asher College also has campuses in Dallas, Texas and Sacramento, California. To speak to one of the staff members at the Asher College location nearest you, call 877-205-6364.

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