Ascent Family Dental Launches New Blog Aimed at Demystifying Dental Care

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New blog will help patients better understand their options, endowing them with more confidence and making them more capable of making health-promoting decisions, Ascent Family Dental reports

Ascent Family Dental, a leading northern Colorado family dental practice, announced the launch of a new educational blog. Designed specifically to empower readers with more knowledge about a variety of common dental procedures and issues, the blog is the product of the practice's focus on searching for new and better ways to serve dental patients. Ascent Family Dental has achieved great success and prominence through its dedication to providing the most caring and personal dental care available, and the new blog is expected to further enhance this reputation.

"We're thrilled to be able to announce the launch of our new blog at," Ascent Family Dental leader Dr. Scott Williams stated, "and we think that this newest evolution in our personal relationship with our patients will be an especially fruitful one." Studies show that more than 15 percent of all Americans suffer from levels of anxiety related to dental work severe enough that mental health experts consider it debilitating. Many more Americans every year put off dental procedures or even routine cleanings owing to less pointed, but still problematic, levels of anxiety and discomfort. As many dental issues can easily develop into much more severe ones when needed care is delayed unduly, these negative, often paralyzing, attitudes can cause problems to snowball.

Recognizing the significance and impact of this issue, Ascent Family Dental works hard to ensure that patients' experiences are as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Most patients spend less than five minutes in the clinic's reception room, for example, before they are seen by their dentist or technician, a fact that prevents the kind of nervous build-up that can turn appointments at other practices into difficult experiences. The practice's entire team, from Dr. Scott Williams on down, also focuses on establishing personal, caring relationships with every patient, thereby showing that their dental care is in the best possible hands. The practice's new blog adds another dimension to this deep, personalized relationship, as it focuses on helping to demystify a variety of dental procedures and issues, thereby depriving these subjects of the power they sometimes have to arouse anxiety in patients.

"The best way to ensure healthy teeth and gums for life is to stay on top of routine and necessary dental work," Williams concluded, "and turning dental care into a positive, comfortable experience is the surest road to making this happen. Our new blog will provide helpful, empowering background information that our patients can absorb at their leisure." The new Ascent Family Dental blog is available at, where a variety of posts covering common dentistry-related questions and procedures are already available. The blog will be updated frequently with new articles, with an emphasis on delivering the kind of easy-to-read, comprehensible information that patients most frequently request.

About Ascent Family Dental:
Led by a top dentist in Greeley CO, Dr. Scott Williams, Ascent Family Dental provides the area's most personal and comfortable dental care. The practice's commitment to ensuring that patients have the best possible experience has made it one of the most prominent and frequently recommended in Colorado.

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