Ascent Family Dental Announces the Launch of Their New Website

The new website functions to better serve clients, providing the information they need in an easy to find format, reports

Ascent Family Dental announces the launch of their new website, one designed to make it easier for patients to find the information they need. The dental practice provides routine, preventative and corrective dental care, as these needs increase as one ages. The gentle dentistry practices found here are greatly appreciated during this time, and the staff works to earn a patient's long term loyalty, regardless if they are coming for fillings or dental implants. The website helps the practice achieve this goal, by helping patients avoid costly dental care through education.

"The focus at Ascent Family Dental remains on delivering delicate, yet thorough dental care, professional guidance and advice. Patients receive a full range of treatment options, yet the ultimate decision as to which best meets their needs always lies with the patient. Due to the prevalence of dental cavities, one needs to understand they have alternatives" Scott Williams DMD, spokesperson for Ascent Family Dental, announces.

According to the World Health Organization, 60 to 90 percent of school children and almost 100 percent of adults have one or more dental cavities. In addition, 15 to 20 percent of adults between the ages of 35 to 44 years of age have severe periodontal disease and this may lead to tooth loss. Approximately 30 percent of individuals between the ages of 65 and 74 have no natural teeth left. Statistics such as these need to concern all.

With proper dental care, Dr. Williams explains, many of these common dental issues can be prevented. One needs to ensure they are eating a healthy diet and minimizing or eliminating alcohol and tobacco use, as simple steps such as these can help to prevent dental cavities, gum disease and more. For those who participate in sports, proper equipment should also be used to protect the teeth during play.

When a constant level of fluoride is maintained in the oral cavity, cavities can be prevented. Fluoridated drinking water, milk, salt and toothpaste all contain fluoride and a dentist may provide patients with a mouth rinse containing this substance. In addition, dentists may apply fluoride professionally to help prevent dental cavities.

"Speak to Ascent Family Dental today to learn more about how one can prevent cavities, periodontal disease and more. One must take care to maintain their oral health, as it has a major impact on overall health. The staff at Ascent Family Dental understands this and works with patients to ensure they understand how to properly care for the teeth and gums at all times. Visit the new site today to learn more about dental care, its importance and treatment options currently offered, as the goal is to make good oral health easy for all. In addition, one can find out what our patients are saying about us," Dr. Williams states.

About Ascent Family Dental:

Dr. Scott Williams, a practicing dentist in Greeley, Colorado, founded Ascent Family Dental to provide dentistry for patients without forcing the practice's value system on them. The practice takes great pride in caring for patients, with the goal being to make coming to the dentist a comfortable experience.Every patient who enters the door is treated as family.

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