Asanka Sampath Sonnadara Sets His Sights On EU, Middle East, And SEA Crypto Prop Trading Expansions

Asanka Sampath Sonnadara is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based proprietary crypto trader. Mr. Asanka has a wealth of experience in investment holdings in Blockchain-based projects and plans to expand strategic investments across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia over the next 5 years.

Mr. Asanka Sampath Sonadara is a 32-years old Sri Lankan proprietary trader with over a decade of experience in the field. 

Asanka Sonadara initially entered the world of stock trading almost immediately after graduating high school. As a 19-year-old young adult with a passion and everything to prove, he was focused on learning as much as he can about the stock market.

Enrolling in a college or university did not seem like a worthwhile investment to Asanka, as he created an excellent stream of income from stock trading. Knowing that practical skills, profound knowledge, and experience are far more important than a piece of paper vouching for the same qualities, Asanka Sonadara decided to continue building his name and career in the Stock exchange.

In 2015, Asanka Sampath Sonadara founded a prop trading firm in Sri Lanka Colombo called "Cadgor Westment“. After two years of decent performance, Asanka Sonadara discovered a newfound interest in crypto. It was during this time that crypto began gaining momentum. Given that Sri Lanka’s views on crypto trading and investments were not favorable, Asanka Sonadara decided it was time to move; he pursued lucrative crypto trading opportunities in Singapore.

According to Asanka Sampath Sonadara, the motivation behind moving to Dubai, UAE lies in the fact that the United Arab Emirates offers some of the most beneficial crypto-friendly regulations and is among the most forward-thinking countries in this regard.

In 2022, Mr. Asanka Sampath Sonadara relocated his trading activities to Dubai, and thus Peclin Dynamics was born.

Asanka Sonadara plans to expand strategic investments across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia over the next five years. More information about Asanka Sampath Sonadara is available on Peclin Dynamics' official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Asanka Sonnadara
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Organization: Peclin Dynamics
Address: P.O Box 73979, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Release ID: 89081962