As Google Search Appliance Heads for Retirement, Users Flock to SearchBlox

With option for fully managed migration or simple, self-guided installation, company's mature enterprise search tool is a capable, cost-effective alternative to GSA, SearchBlox Software reports

With retirement dates having just been set for the popular Google Search Appliance, organizations worldwide are wondering what to do next. New reports at detail how the powerful, mature SearchBlox system has been designed from the ground up to act as a perfect google search appliance replacement. With both fully managed and self-directed migration options being available, the many companies seeking a google search appliance alternative in the wake of the recent end-of-life announcement will do well to look into what SearchBlox Software, Inc., has to offer.

"The longstanding rumors finally proved true, as Google announced in February that it would be withdrawing its search appliance from the market in the near future," said SearchBlox Software co-founder Timo Selvaraj, "That revelation has quite a few companies scrambling to find an alternative. We're happy to report that our own SearchBlox document search system is not only a simple, flexible, affordable replacement for the Google Search Appliance, but also extremely easy to migrate to. We've just published some new information at our website, in fact, that details how smooth the transition can be."

In addition to being a prominent, influential steward of the billions of web pages on the public Internet, technology giant Google has long played a major role in helping corporations and other organizations master their own, private document collections. Introduced in 2002, the Google Search Appliance family of products consists of discrete, rack-mounted computers, each equipped with proprietary software tasked with indexing and allowing the searching of documents stores ranging into the millions.

In early February of this year, Google announced that it would be discontinuing these popular products, with no new hardware being sold from that point forward. While existing customers will have a bit of time to plan, their licensing renewals will not be extended beyond 2018, outside of occasional, standing arrangements that might already stretch beyond that date.

For nearly as long as the Google Search Appliance has been on the market, SearchBlox Software has been selling, improving, and refining its own commercial search product. With over 60 data adapters built into the recently released version 8.4 of SearchBlox, the system ranks among the most powerful of its kind, while also boasting best-in-class flexibility and an outstanding value proposition.

As new reports at the SearchBlox Software website make clear, SearchBlox will prove to be an especially appealing and appropriate option for the many companies now needing to break free from their reliance on the Google Search Appliance. A fully managed migration option makes the process as simple and reliable as possible, with five strategically planned steps ensuring success, even while many SearchBlox customers find the transition easy to manage on their own. Visitors to the SearchBlox Software website can read the new reports, learn more about SearchBlox, and request a quote or arrange a 30-day free trial.

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