“Artist shit” In The Blockchain And NFTs Era: Shitties

Shitties is a collection of NFTs based on Piero Manzoni’s satirical art concept. The collection is scheduled to launch on January 10. It has already amassed a cult-like following for its ingenuity.

Digital finance and blockchain technologies have stirred the industry while paving the way for a new artistic movement with IT experts leading the charge.

Among the hundreds of fresh NFT companies and projects that have emerged on the scene, a few stand out as Shitties, by WorldShittiestArt.

An anonymous artist under the nickname Shitoshi Nakamoto has created a groundbreaking series of works, available on OpenSea, borrowing inspiration and basing his latest project on the famous Piero Manzoni.

The lens through which Piero looked at art can be described as unorthodox and unconventional, even by today’s standards. In 1961, Manzoni’s collection of 100 cans containing personal fecal material sold out in record time at ridiculously steep prices of 30 grams of gold per can. His ‘Merda d’artista’ works are on display in world-famous museums and have an estimated worth of $280,000 each.

Shitoshi took inspiration from Manzoni’s art, and the Shitties collection immediately got fantastic traction from the NFT community, even though the collection’s official sale is yet to be launched.

What separates classical art and NFTs is the utility of non-fungible tokens. In the case of Shitties, NFT holders can earn proceeds from the transaction fees on the exchanges, receive physical works, and be whitelisted for eventual future collections. Both actual and eventual benefits of NFTs outweigh those their classical art counterparts have to offer.

Shitties, by World Shittiest Art collection, is set to launch on January 10. During the private sale, twenty-three NFTs were sold at 0.6 ETH, for a total of 13.8 ETH in one day. A renowned auction house bought 10 Super Rare NFTs for 30 ETH, offering Shitties exclusive minting and partnership opportunities.

Shitoshi attended one of the world’s largest NFT auctions, during which Shit #087 – Bill Gates had been sold for $7,500. The artist is confident that the collection will go viral rapidly:

“I’m pretty sure that the purity and genius of this art will send the collection viral without the need for paid promotions,” said Shitoshi in a recent Tweet.

A quote from World Shittiest Art describes the NFT collection and the drive of its creators:

“…[The artists] decided to collect feces by famous people from all over the world. They collected 1500+ human feces in a matter of 2 years. Then, they packaged and preserved this precious biological matter in state-of-the-art cans and digitized them in a 100 NFTs collection: Shitties.

WorldShittiestArt authors have declared that they won’t sell Common NFTs below 1 ETH, Rare NFTs below 1.5 ETH, and Super Rare NFTs below 3 ETH. As for the Epic ones, price is yet to be known.

Shitoshi and WSA artists are planning to focus on organic promotion and the development of the Flappyshit game. More information about Shitties by WorldShittiestArt is available on the collection’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Shitoshi Nakamoto
Email: Send Email
Organization: Shitties by World Shittiest Art
Address: Italy
Website: https://worldshittiest.art

Release ID: 89059456