Artist Peter O'Neill Announces Opening Of New Gallery In Key West

The artist's 4th gallery can be found 423 Duval Street in Key West, reports

Oil painter and Artist Peter O'Neill has announced the opening of a new gallery in Key West at 423 Duval Street. The new space is one of three galleries owned by the artist and currently open to the public in Key West and New Orleans. "We are really excited to open the doors of Peter's fourth gallery," commented spokesperson Noelle O'Neill. "Just twenty years ago, all of this was just a dream."

Noelle explained that the self-taught artist had not originally envisioned a career as an artist and gallery owner, but after a period of depression and career setbacks, he decided to return to the artistic pursuits he had enjoyed as a child. At the age of 36, with no art degree or connections to the art world, he moved to Florida and began working as a street artist, sketching portraits of passersby. Although it wasn't a lucrative income, the money he earned was evidence that people were willing to pay for his work. After a year, he moved into a small gallery and opened a second gallery ten years after that. He has opened a total of 5 galleries over the past twenty years.

"Peter may be best known for his painting titled Two Minutes of Silence," said Noelle. "He painted it in response to the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks, and it portrays a New York City firefighter kneeling in front of the demolished twin towers, his head on his shovel. The painting was auctioned for $20,000 in October of 2001, and all of the proceeds were donated to the New York City Fireman and Emergency Service Relief Fund. Since then, we've donated over 17,000 prints to individual fire departments and police departments around the country."

According to Noelle, it is a matter of pride that all of Peter's galleries are artist-owned with no corporate backing whatsoever. "Peter has earned all the success he's attained purely through talent and hard work," she commented. "That means that when customers purchase art from us, they can feel good knowing that their money is supporting the artists who created the work, not just some anonymous owners or investors. We truly appreciate the loyal customers who support the work of Peter and his fellow artists."

The new Peter O'Neill Gallery will feature Peter's original artwork along with the work of five other artists: Charles Dickinson, Craig Tracy, Jim Pennington, Sean Friloux and Jack Hill. The gallery's hours are Sunday - Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Thursday - Saturday from noon until 10:00 p.m. Other O'Neill Gallery Locations are at 721 and 319 Royal Street in New Orleans, along with a reproduction studio in St. Augustine that is currently open by appointment only.

About O'Neill Gallery

American oil painter and artist Peter O'Neill has been recognized as a living master of oil on canvas. His works are featured in countless private and public collections, and they are available for purchase online or at any of his signature galleries in New Orleans and Key West. All galleries are artist-owned with no corporate backing; thus, all success is the product of the artist's hard work and talent.

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