Artex: The First And Only Blockchain Based Artpiece Exchange Platform

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This article is about the Artex. From it you can learn in detail about how this platform functions, what goals it adheres to, as well as Trading Infrastructure.

Artex is developing the next generation of art marketplace infrastructure. Artex believes that art should not suffer from boundaries and everyone should have an opportunity to invest in first-class art, and blockchain will help with that.

Artex has several strategic advantages to become the leading worldwide art exchange platform run on the blockchain and set a new standard for the art market. By digitizing and introducing a new business model, a transparent ecosystem is created with the use of smart contracts to build trust in users and to ensure full fairness in the drawing process. The application of fair and secure blockchain protocols will allow any individual to be secured while purchasing a piece of art, thus opening more market possibilities.

Artex is providing an opportunity for internal trading and managing fine art investments. First-class fine art pieces insured in line with the transparent pricing of art experts from various countries, are tokenized on the blockchain in return for their insurance value.

Artex is the disruptive solution to official and online art exchange problems, a truly decentralized art exchange platform designed to empower art holders and sellers and reconstruct the art market concept from an old-fashioned complicated nature to a safe DeFi-powered feature.

With the Artex's smart contracts, users can buy and sell the desired amount from the works listed in the market. during the pre-sale process. The Artex Art Market aims to:

Provide liquidity to the stucked art market.

Make a democratic distribution of finance in the art market.

Support art and artist rights with a magnificent transparency.

Design Crypto exchange based on a physical and valuable commodity.

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Name: Artex
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Release ID: 89029226

Name: Artex
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Organization: Artex