Art Director Lukas Bruhn Launches Lorem De Loop Instagram Creating A New Poster Every Day For A Year

Lukas Bruhn is a 24 year old student of Art Direction in Germany, and has challenged himself to produce a different poster every day for 365 days, posting the results on Instagram.

Lorem De Loop is the brain child of Art Direction student Lukas Bruhn. The art project is being documented online via Instagram, and enables the award-winning designer to create a different poster every day for 365 days, stretching his creative practice using new tools and approaches.

The project will enable Lukas to experiment with different themes, art styles and impacts, and he has already begun to combine influences in unique ways. The posters make use of imagery, type, graphic elements and avante garde compositions to make wildly different statements, unified by their boldness and vivacity.

Lukas chose Instagram to host the project as a digital exhibition space, giving his work instant, worldwide reach. His inspiration for taking on the project stems from the discipline required to master skills through constant application. The project gives him a free-form blank canvas to express pure creativity, unhindered by project constraints, yet pressurised by time.

The account, entitled Lorem De Loop, is available now to view, and serves as a record and as inspiration to design students and lovers of creative output. The combination of complex three-dimensional forms with minimalist clean lines creates a rich and varied experience for viewers.

A spokesperson for Lukas Bruhn explained, “Lukas created the project to challenge himself, but the work he has created can also challenge and inspire others. Because of the time constraints involved in producing a new and unique poster every day, Lukas’ focus on output means rules are being challenged and stretched in new ways. What’s more, the posters occasionally play with pre-established brands and personalities, presenting them in new lights. All this creates great stimulus for those seeking a bold way to reinterpret well established ideas. The Instagram account is freely available, and prints are planned for the future.”

About Lukas Bruhn: Lukas Bruhn is a 24 year old Art Direction student from Germany. His focus is on advertising, but he has created Lorem de Loop as a way for him to try out new redesign concepts with new software, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4D. He has already won an International Advertising Award.

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