Arrested and Detained Indefinitely Without A Warrant

Under the blanket of terrorism, laws are being passed to circumvent civil rights and liberties.

"Terrorism: The Balance of Security and Civil Liberties", authored by A. L. Kirk, Jr. shows how recent legislation gives executive power to arrest without warrant and detain indefinitely without probable cause. This book was just released to inform citizens of key legislation involving the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its attack on civil liberties. The NDAA has been passed by Congress, being executed by the president and being debate within the federal courts as of to date.

Kirk provides research that targets the meaning of terrorism, homeland security, historical prevention measures and legal precedence on balancing homeland security and the U.S. Constitutions. He also provides a five component plan to implement and maintain a healthy balance for security and civil liberties. The five component plan includes balance, prevention, security, education, and maintenance. Implementing this framework will provide security, ensure freedoms and target resources. Chapters include: "Threats Facing U.S. Homeland Security", "Conflicts of Homeland Security and Civil Liberties", "Balancing Security and Freedom Withing the U.S. Government", and many more. "Terrorism: The Balance of Security and Civil Liberties" is available as an eBook for $4.99 on Amazon.

Understanding key legislation and executive orders are paramount in understanding the rights as citizens of the United States. In order to stay secure and free an understanding and dialogue must take place among the different sectors of society.

While attending North Carolina Wesleyan College, A. L. Kirk, Jr performed research for the purpose of understanding and balancing the issues concerning homeland security and American civil liberties. Mr. Kirk is apart of multiple organizations including Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society. For twenty years Mr. Kirk was involved in public speaking ranging from religious, youth, and criminal justice topics.

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