Arqutype Develops New Range Of Sustainable High-End Swimwear

Arqutype, a Melbourne-based swimwear design, and manufacturing company have launched a new range of high-range men’s swimwear with sustainability in mind. Their vision is to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on the quality of their products.

Arqutype’s innovative, wholly Australian-owned range is entirely crafted from recycled plastics; plastics that are more often than not from waterways or oceans. These are transformed and given new life as a low-impact weave that is used throughout the collection.

The new range of shorts is designed to not only provide men with an eco-conscious and more sustainable choice of swimwear, but the fabrication feels soft, comfortable, and has a high-quality finish. It’s not just about looking good and doing good – everything is crafted with functionality in mind. As such, mean can wear their fashion-forward swimwear in the very ocean that they are helping protect.

Arqutype’s brand ethos is focused on being mindful while delivering real improvements with each chic design. The result is a carefully curated range perfect for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing through their fashion choices.

Arqutype’s call to action was learning that nearly half of the world’s clothing is made of synthetic materials that contain crude oil. A large part of this inspiration came from the fact that over 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced, with approximately 8 million tonnes ending up in waterways each year. Consumer and commercial demand mean this is set to continue increasing further.

Rather than being part of the problem, the team at Arqutype wants to be part of the solution. Instead of polluting the world’s waters further or having marine life ingest or entangled in plastic debris, they have made the commitment to upcycling by using 100% recycled plastics in the polyester that goes into making their shorts.

Founded with the intention of making an impact that doesn’t compromise on quality or unique design, Archetype started designing their over 20 fresh designs with inspiration from all around the globe using polyester that is 100% crafted from recycled plastic materials. They aim to make sure that no expectations have been made when it comes to comfort, style, and wearability. This includes a low-impact weave that feels soft against the skin, but is also quick-drying, and can be washed in a cold machine cycle.

To learn more about Arqutype, their new range of sustain shorts made from recycled plastics, and the ethos behind their products, you can visit their website at

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