Aroga Worldwide Representatives Attend Three-Day National TACC Mothers Prayer Event In South Africa

Aroga Worldwide Representatives make TACC history, being officially invited by TACC' Chief Apostle Mother to attend TACC' National Mother's Prayer Meeting. This event included introducing Aroga's Products to TACC' Apostle Mothers, with thousands in attendence.

Aroga Worldwide Representatives attended this special three-day event, which took place on September 4th, 5th & 6TH 2016. With only 4 special TACC Mother Events occurring during the calendar year, the National Mothers event is the largest gathering for TACC Apostle Mothers. This particular event included showcasing and presenting the Aroga products and opportunity to the Mother Apostles, Mother Overseers and the new TACC Mothers.

The annual National TACC event focuses on teaching/educating the attendees on what it means to be a Mother at TACC and at home. The National event is led by the Chief Mother Apostle, and is open to all who want to learn more about becoming part of TACC. Each TACC Mothers’ event is considered foundational to the church and is an integral part of TACC’ History.

The highlight of the three-day National event was a full service day, where the Mother Apostles were preaching the word of God. Provinces from all over Africa were represented, and the Mothers sang and provided offerings to the Church. This was also an occasion where TACC mothers were given the official approval, for them to officially wear a TACC uniform. Following the TACC’ National Event are a series of provincial and regional events, led by mother Apostles that have been appointed and sent, from different Provinces by the Chief Mother Apostle.

The four events are very spiritual to the TACC Mothers; the Apostle Mothers come together as one and meet with the Mother Chief Apostle. The entire congregation of Mothers pray and sing for the TACC church and their families. This is the time when the mothers harness their power and strength to create an everlasting future for the TACC, making them the cornerstones of the church (pillars of strength) and most important, being the core of the church’ foundation. The National Event included visitors from many provinces. Some were even given the opportunity to speak and reflect on how they felt during the three-day event, making it a wonderful experience for those in attendance. Hearing from new members and Mothers, gives the Mothers more energy and drive, to continue their work in support of the church and their families.

According to TACC’s Chief Apostle and Chairman, Professor, Caesar Nongqunga, the entire TACC congregation knows the important role that TACC’s Apostle Mothers play in TACC, with the entire church, gaining much from the strength, guidance and wisdom of the Mothers of the TACC.

This National Mothers Event marks the first time that Aroga Worldwide was requested to attend, and provided the opportunity to specifically address the Mothers of the TACC directly. The interest among the Apostle Mothers was great, as many of the mothers in attendance had not yet heard of Aroga, and had not been able to experience the Aroga products.
Thanks to TACC’ participation, Aroga Africa is rapidly expanding, with new members joining from multiple provinces around Africa, and abroad. The Chief Apostle of TACC, who is also an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur has been officially welcomed into the Aroga Worldwide family by Chairman and CEO Mr. Grove Bennett. The Chief Apostle is helping to guide and support the TACC congregation members who join Aroga, and is showing true leadership, vision and faith. The Chief Apostle and Aroga Chairman Grove Bennett, have truly come together as one, creating a powerful and globally recognized movement in Aroga Africa.

According to Mr. Bennett, TACC’ Chief Apostle, and His Majesty, King Edgar Brown, of the Khoisan Kingdom, have officially become members of Aroga Worldwide and are actively promoting Aroga at their events and services to tribal and congressional members, as well as and people in their circles of influence. Mr. Bennett went on to say; “It is a great honor and humbling for all of us at Aroga to have such positive spiritual influences join Aroga. TACC’ dedication to their family members, mirrors the commitment that we at Aroga believe is the key to supporting our members and their families. I believe that the union created between Aroga, TACC, and Khoisan Kingdom is history in the making.” Mr. Bennett further commented, “Those who are getting involved with Aroga Worldwide and Aroga Africa today, and over the coming months, are here at a very important time. This is the perfect time to grow with Aroga. We’ve added new websites and a powerful marketing system for our members, to help everyone expand their networks. Everything is in place, and we are prepared for steady growth throughout the African Continent, and abroad.”
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