Aroga Worldwide Is On The Move In South Africa And Neighboring Countries After Signing Agreement With TACC In August

Aroga worldwide, announced today that Aroga’s planned Africa expansion with TACC is progressing well, with even better than originally forecast product sales.

After signing a major agreement, just a few weeks ago with TACC, Aroga Worldwide CEO Grove Bennett, announced today, that Aroga Africa’s Acu-Point Hologram sales are much greater than originally forecast. Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ (TACC) began distribution of Aroga’s Acu-Point Holograms shortly after signing the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Aroga. The SLA provides for TACC to acquire 250,000 Acu-Point Hologram customers within the first six months of the agreement. The plan includes beginning distribution in South Africa, but will also include expanding distribution into other African countries, and ramping up distribution to over 1 million customers within the first twelve months, with expected annual gross revenues to exceed $40 Million USD from sales in Africa, alone.

Mr. Bennett traveled to South Africa in August to meet with TACC’s Chief Apostle and Chairman, Professor, Caesar Nongqunga, to finalize the agreement, which provides for distribution of Aroga’s products and services throughout Africa. According to Grove Bennett, this SLA between Aroga and TACC is unique, and not common within the Direct Selling Industry.

“We are breaking new ground in our industry, with this SLA between Aroga and TACC. To my knowledge, it’s the first SLA of this type, between a Direct Sales Company and a major Church Organization. Our agreement with TACC is something that I am truly honored to be a part of. I am so looking forward to to touching, and changing many lives throughout Africa with Aroga’s products and opportunity. I am deeply honored to be working with such a fabulous group of incredible individuals, like Chief Apostle, Caesar Nongqunga and the other members of TACC. “~ Grove Bennett, Aroga CEO

Mr. Bennett is planning an additional trip to Africa on September 15th, to oversee expansion of Aroga Africa into the countries of Nigeria and Zimbabwe. During this expansion trip, Mr. Bennett is scheduled to attend a special Thanksgiving Service with Chief Apostle, Professor Caesar Nongqunga and TACC Members. According to Bennett, this second visit to Africa will allow Aroga to open up additional distribution channels and finalize new agreements.

Aroga Worldwide has been enjoying an impressive growth curve after entering the Direct Sales Industry, little more than 1-year ago. Since then, Aroga has expanded its Acu-Point Hologram distribution into 138 Countries, opened new offices in South Africa, acquired a new Global Payment System, and signed several major agreements, all of which provide for acquiring large groups of customers for Aroga’s products and services.

About TACC:
The more modern roots of the Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ are to be found in the Catholic Apostolic Church, founded in 1832 in England by John Bate Cardale, Henry Dalton, Henry Drummond and others. The movement quickly spread to Europe, particularly to Germany (the northern States) and the Netherlands. As a result of doctrinal differences in the Church, schisms took place and out of these schisms what became known as the New Apostolic Church emerged.
But the modern day roots go back even further, to 1650 in England when the 1558 Act of Uniformity was repealed and freedom of religion in England became a fact of life. With this development, Churches that had been operating in secret, e.g., the Baptists, a secret Church since 1616, could now come out into the open. At the same time several new sects emerged, importantly, sects that no longer placed emphasis on the Bible but insisted on the role of The Holy Spirit. Groups which queried the fact that the Bible is the word of God, the teachings not to be taken literally but rather be subject to interpretation.

Apostle Ceasar Nongqunga leads the church today with over 6 million members. In 2010, Apostle Nongqunga and his wife re-created the Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ Women’s League with emphasis on the role of women in the community. The members are encouraged to initiate and/or support projects in their communities for the alleviation of hardship and to make families self-supporting.

Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ, is an independent Apostolic Church with its Head Administration Office in East London, South Africa. Membership is well in excess of 6 million. In addition to the numerous congregations throughout South Africa, there are many additional congregations in other African countries, and, as a result of labor and political migration, congregations in the United Kingdom, as well. In addition, TACC also has an affiliated Church in India, Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ in India, based in Hyderabad. Other TACC churches are located in Ghana, and Bangladesh, with additional congregations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and even the United States Of America.

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