Arizona’s Sydney’s Cafe Sending Empanadas to the Pope

Arizona café is sending the Pope their legendary empanadas after learning that the Pontiff misses his favorite food.

Longing for Empanadas – Sending “Best of Valley”

Sydney’s Café and Market in Tempe, Arizona is sending two dozen Empanadas to the Vatican, compliments of Arizona, after finding out that the Pope is missing his favorite food.

Voted, “Best in the Valley” for their Argentinian style Empanadas, people swoon over Sydney’s award winning, hand-crafted pies, known for their tender, flaky dough which surrounds a multitude of perfectly seasoned meats, cheeses and vegetables, as well as sweet fillings.

As we found out, the Swiss Guards at the Vatican don’t just protect the Pope; they cook for him, too. A newly released cookbook by the Vatican’s corps of elite soldiers reveals some of the favorite pontifical recipes, revealing that Pope Francis eats like a fairly typical Argentinian: He loves a good steak, Empanadas and Dulce de leche.

Knowing the Swiss Guard could never match home or the best in the U.S, Sydney’s felt compelled to act. It is sending its legendary Empanadas.

Sydney’s founder, Lee Heath says, “Our Empanadas stand up to the best of Argentina and we’re quite certain they will make the Pope feel right at home. We are sending two flavors of our delicious hand pies...our, “Gaucho” an Argentinean classic filled with ground beef, green onions, cumin, smoked paprika, chopped olive and hard-boiled egg and a second, “Chicken Paella” a Spanish classic of slow roasted chicken, Spanish chorizo, rice, manchego cheese, saffron, smoked paprika, white onion, red bell pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic and ... and ... plenty of Chimichurri sauce.

“This Pontiff is facing the great issues of our time with a vigor and simplicity that is refreshing,” Heath added, “The least we can do is send a, “care package” giving him comfort to help him during these trying times.” Sydney’s Empanadas are the perfect travel food and enjoyed people of all ages and walks of life. Certainly, the Pope is a caring person who will want to share ... we’ll be standing by, hoping for a, “Thumbs Up” and ready to take his order! And yes, we do deliver... gladly!

Sydney’s Café and Market is located in Tempe Marketplace, and has sold 15,000 empanadas since opening a year ago. A locally grown restaurant, they also offer sandwiches, salads, and hand crafted drinks, milk teas (and Boba!).
The Café has a unique air travel theme using recycled parts of airplanes, barn wood, chairs, etc., as well, the menu design reflects their wide array of Empanadas around the world, from Peking Duck, Zurich Chicken and Indian Samosa to the traditional Argentine Beef and Chicken, as well as delicious sweets like Oreo Nutella and Peach Almond with cream cheese. Every bite is a bit of heaven, and no man is closer to heaven than the Pope.

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